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Please be informed that the Changi Aviation Gallery will be closed for renovation in the period of 8 May 2015 to 12 July 2015. We are pleased to unveil a new Changi Aviation Gallery on 13 July 2015.

The Changi Aviation Gallery located at Changi Airport's Terminal 3 provides aviation enthusiasts and members of the public with interesting insights into Changi's ground operations and the eventful history of aviation in Singapore.

The Changi Aviation Gallery is a multi-sensory zone with hands-on interactive displays that will intrigue both young and old alike. From the viewing gallery, one can also observe aircraft on the airport tarmac and find out more about Changi Airport.

The T3 Changi Aviation Gallery focuses on flying operations featuring the 'in-the-air' activities that take place at the airport. Ever wondered how in-flight catering meals are prepared and if pets are allowed to fly with the owners? Visit T3 aviation gallery to find out! For those who are fascinated with T3 interior architecture, there are interesting information bits and also find out how Changi Airport discourages birds from roosting in the airport. Do bring along scraps of papers to collect "arrival" and "departure" seals when you visit the gallery as a memento!

The T3 Aviation Gallery also features 2 display cases that features model airplanes that has flown through Changi Airport. Ever wondered how does an A380 look like close-up? How about the only commercial airliner plane capable of reaching supersonic speed? They are all available at the T3 Aviation Gallery!

For greater visual impact, gallery is decked out with more than 600 miniature folded aircraft hanging from the ceiling, giving visitors a sense of the number of flights handled at Changi Airport every day. On the glass panels, there are also schematic display of the many models of aircraft that Changi hosts, ranging from the common types such as the B777, A320 to the A380 and more unusual MD11F and GLEX. Visit the interactive touchscreen TV that shows where the major cities connected to Changi are displayed according to its distance from Singapore and the latest happenings at Changi Airport. Gallery also come with unique wood rubbing designs that features a myriad of airport activities. Remember to bring along scraps of paper and collect them all!

For children, you can also download our fun-fact sheets and transform the visit into both an exciting and fun session while you're over at the gallery!

Download Terminal 3 fun-fact sheet

Venue: Changi Airport Terminal 3 (Get directions for Terminal 3)
Operating Hours:
6.00 am – 12 midnight
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