Opened in 2008, T3 is Changi Airport's 'green' terminal with natural skylighting and gardens that feature over 200 species of foliage – enough to cover 50 soccer fields! Besides being eco-friendly, this terminal has a four-storey tall slide, the world's first butterfly garden in airport, a movie theatre as well as over 130 shopping and dining outlets.

Did you know...

The roof at T3 uses an intelligent lighting system that allows natural daylight to come in, keeps the tropical heat out and creates an overall soothing ambience for visitors at all times of the day.
The lush Green Wall brings an air of serenity to T3, with more than 10,000 tropical plants covering the five-storey high vertical garden.
A S$121 million state-of-the-art baggage system enables bags to be transferred from T3 to the other terminals in just three minutes.