Airside Driving Permit (ADP)

Steps to obtaining an ADP

1. Under the Road Traffic and Protected Areas and Protected Places Acts, you have to be at least 18 years of age and possess a valid airport security pass before you can apply for an ADP.

2. You have to produce or obtain a medical certificate for visual acuity and colorblindness under the Road Traffic Protected Areas & Protected Places Act, you have to be at least 18 years of age and poessess a valid airport security pass before you can apply for an airfield driving permit.

3. You would then need to produce or obtain a Singapore State License.

4. Pass a theory test on Airfield Rules by understanding the contents of the airside driving theory handbook which you can purchase from the Airside Driving Centre.

5. Book for the airfield driving/ safety compliance test. The test will be conducted by a driving examiner and your employer must provide a motor vehicle in good mechanical condition and properly insured.

6. Upon passing the airfield driving test, you will immediately be issued with the ADP. This will be valid for a 1 year or 2 year period.

Renewal of ADPs

ADPs can be renewed only three months (93 days) before their expiry. Please do not apply for ADP renewal if there are more than 94 days before your ADP’s expiry date.

To renew your ADP, you must have attended an Airfield Rules and Regulations Refresher Course (ARRRC) within the past three (3) months (93 days) and the ARRRC certificate should be dated within the last 93 days. Your ADP may then be renewed for 1 or 2 years depending on your preference.

However, if your ARRRC certificate was issued within the last 16 months (496 days), you may only renew your ADP for a period of one (1) year only.

ADP holders with ARRRC certificates issued more than 16 months ago (i.e. 497 days or more ago) will not receive renewal of their ADPs. Kindly approach the approved Training Centres to attend the ARRRC.

Procedure to obtain an Airside Vehicle Permit (AVP)

Please write in to CAG with the company's letterhead indicating the following.

  • Purpose of request
  • Vehicle registration no.
  • Type of vehicle
  • Engine capacity (cc), as well as combustion type (diesel/petrol)
  • Age of vehicle
  • Designated parking lot (where vehicle will be parked when not in use)

In addition, please attach a copy of the Land Transport Authority (LTA) vehicle log card as supporting document.

With the above, the Airside Driving Centre will review and process the request accordingly. Once in-principle approval is given for the vehicle access, you are to furnish the following documents for processing and issuance of your AVP.

  • Vehicle permit application form
  • Copy of vehicle insurance coverage
  • Copy of airside insurance coverage/road tax
  • LTA Inspection Test Certificate (with Certificate of Compliance endorsed) This is the cert issued by VICOM when you send in the vehicle for airside inspection.
  • A copy of the First Schedule (found in the Tenancy Agreement) if you are parking in the airside when vehicle or equipment is not in use

Only upon receipt of the above documents, will the Airside Driving Centre process and issue the AVP. The permit is chargeable at 8 cents per vehicle cc. Accepted payment modes are NETS and CashCard only.

Note: Please ensure the entire body of the vehicle down to its waist and the front portion of the vehicle is painted white. If the vehicle is moving on the runway or taxiway, the entire body of the vehicle down to its waist and the front portion of the vehicle must be painted yellow. The vertical yellow or white surface shall bear the owner’s insignia or logo.

Test Bookings

Book test for Airside Driving Permit (ADP) Book test for Airside Driving Permit (ADP) Book test for Airside Driving Permit (ADP)

Booking of Tests

Please book the Theory and Practical test dates with the Airside Driving Centre in advance. 

Theory tests:
Conducted: Monday to Friday
Languages available: English, Mandarin, Malay and Tamil 

Practical tests:
Conducted: Monday to Friday
Languages conducted in: English only

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Airside Driving Permit Fee (SGD)
1 year validity 10.70
2 years validity 21.40
Airfield Rules Test 5.35
Airfield Driving/ Safety-Compliance Test 12.84

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