Changi Airport Group, together with six companies in Singapore, is the first airport in Asia to launch a community of cargo partners to undergo the IATA CEIV Pharma certification. As a community, at least one company from each segment of the air cargo supply chain would ensure that its facilities, equipment, processes and staff would comply with all applicable standards, regulations and guidelines.

With the certification, Changi Airport will be the first CEIV Community in Asia, and third in the world, with an entire air cargo supply chain operating at the highest standards for the transportation of pharmaceutical cargo.  The six companies involved in the certification are illustrated below.  

The other major ground handling company at Changi, SATS, has already obtained the CEIV certification for its SATS coolport. In fact, SATS coolport was the first facility in the world to attain the IATA CEIV pharma certification. 

What is IATA CEIV Pharma

The IATA CEIV Pharma is an extensive certification that complies, or even supersedes, many of the existing pharmaceutical standards and guidelines such as the European Union’s Good Distribution Practice (EU GDP), World Health Organization Annex 5.

Benefits for Pharmaceutical Manufacturers

·         Reduction of product losses attributed to temperature excursions during transport and shipping at Changi Airport.

·         With a common standard across the supply chain, pharmaceutical manufactures can realise cost savings on manpower and administration when conducting audits on the various players across the supply chain.