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If you need your luggage looked after so you can shop handsfree or leave the airport comfortably, visit our Left Baggage counters. Provided by Smarte Carte, this payable service is available 24 hours daily.  Other services / products available include Bag Wrapping / Strapping Services, Sale of Boxes, Bubble wrap, Locks and other Travel Accessories.  Please visit our stores at all 4 terminals or for more details

Please note that all bags/items need to be inspected as part of the Security Requirement.   


  Per 24 hours (inclusive GST)
Loose Items $5.00
Small (and below 10kg) $10.00
Big/Odd (or above 10kg) $15.00
Extra Large Size Items $18.00


Terminal 1 

Departure Hall, Level 3, Public Area

Tel: +65 6214 0628 

Departure Hall, Level 2, Transit Hall

Tel: +65 6214 0318



Terminal 2 

Arrival Hall North, Level 1, Public Area

Tel: +65 6214 1683

Departure Hall, Level 2, Transit Hall

Tel: +65 6214 0448



Terminal 3 

Level 1, Public Area

Tel: +65 6242 8936

Departure Hall, Transit Hall

Tel: +65 6214 0672


Terminal 4 

Level 1, Public Area

Level 2M, Departure Hall, Transit Hall