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Five Things You Did Not Know About the Runway

As Changi Airport operationalises a three-runway system by the early 2020s to cater to the airport’s growth, Changi Journeys brings you five fascinating facts you may not know about a runway.

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How Art Thou Cleaned?

With more than 62.2 million passengers passing through Changi Airport last year, keeping the airport spick and span is an important task. Having a robust cleaning regime in place helps to keep our terminal and facilities fresh and clean for passengers and the public. 

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Taking a Slice of Singapore, Wherever You Go

With a varied mix of retail and food souvenir offerings throughout the four terminals, Changi’s passengers are spoilt for choice when looking for something to gift family, friends and colleagues when they reach their destinations.

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Recapturing the Kampung Spirit

Each year, Changi Airport Group’s horticulture team will brainstorm for ideas to spice up the horticulture displays across Changi Airport, bringing about a refreshed experience for passengers. 

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Past Stories

Raising firefighting capabilities with technology and training.

Airport Emergency Service adds new state-of-the-art fire vehicles in preparation for additional facilities such as Jewel Changi Airport and Runway 3.

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Delectable Dining Options in Changi Airport

From sit-down restaurants to food courts and cafes, Changi Airport’s public areas are home to a plethora of delectable culinary options open to both travellers and the public.

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Fuelling Team Airside

Every day, Changi Airport's airside community ensure that hundreds of aircraft take off and land safely. To enhance their work environment, some key enhancements for their wellbeing have been put in place.

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Singapore's Most Attractive Employer: Randstad

The annual Randstad Award in Singapore recognises the country's most attractive employers, measuring 75 of the largest companies by workforce size. This year, CAG beat other top favourites to clinch the prestigious prize.

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