Barrel Cactus

Scientific name: Echinocactus grusonii

Barrel cacti are from Central America. They thrive in sunny weather but cannot tolerate rain, therefore they are grown under a shelter.

The cacti are surrounded by cacti sculptures made by American artists, Richard Turner and Eric Carrol. The rust formation on the sculptures were the artists’ attempt to replicate the fibre encrustation on the cactus.

Sago Palm


Scientific name: Cycas revoluta

Sago Palms belong to a group of over 200 species of plants that are native to Southern Japan. They are primitive plants, whose ancestry date back to the Mesozoic period about 65 – 250 million years ago.

These plants are very hardy and thrive in dry climate and even poor soil. Some of the Sago Palms in the garden are more than 50 years old.

Century Plant


Scientific name: Agave americana

Century plants comprise of about 200 species that originate from dry regions of America. They have distinctive features of sword-shaped and spiny-margined leaves.

The plant will die off once it flowers to bear plantlets. Smaller plants seen in this garden is a result of that. Century plants are commercially important as their core are harvested to make alcoholic drink Tequila.