Giant Bromeliad

Scientific name: Alcantarea spp.

The Alcantarea spp. is one of the largest bromeliad in the world. Their leaves can grow up to 2 metres long and have a silver-green coloration that look like steel under certain lighting. The silver coloration is due to trichomes on the leaves, which are fine hairs that take in moisture from the air. Similar to other bromeliads, Alcantarea spp. flowers only once in their lifetime. As such, it is always a good spectacle to see the flowers.

Scarlet Star

Scientific name: Guzmania lingulata

Guzmania lingulata has colourful red, orange or yellow bracts, which are modified leaves. In fact, their flowers are white and sit within the colourful bracts. It is commonly known as ‘Scarlet Star’ because it looks like a star when viewed from above.

As it is a bromeliad, Guzmania lingulata will flower only once in their lifetime and the flowers last for about five months.