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Seeking a different sort of adventure? From Chongqing to Sanya, be among the first to get off the beaten path—and venture into the lesser-known parts of China.

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Did you know that there is a second imperial palace in China, after the Forbidden City? Tucked away in the northeast corner of China, sits the historic city of Shenyang, which houses the impressive and well-preserved Shenyang Imperial Palace. Once known as “Mukden”, the former capital of 17th Century Manchu, Shenyang is also home to several UNESCO World Heritage Sites and historical monuments.

Today, as the capital of the Liaoning province and the most populated city in northern China, Shenyang has seen incredible growth in recent years. A place where past and present co-exist, Shenyang might be China’s best kept secret.

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Shenyang Imperial Palace



Qipan Mountain


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