Oman Air to Muscat

Located at the southern tip of the Arabian peninsula, the Sultanate of Oman has long been the Gulf's best kept tourism treasure, and for many years been attracting only the most curious of adventurers. Oman offers visitors a rare chance to visit the Arab world without being inundated in the excessive wealth that defines its cosmopolitan neighbours like the UAE. That said, this once feudal-nation has been quietly developing its education, infrastructure and tourism. So, whether you are here to explore its ancient forts, go hiking or canyoning at one of its many wadis, catch a camel race, or simply experience events like the Muscat Festival, old world charm (and ancient Bedouin ways) remain at the heart of an Omani welcome.

About Muscat

The pulsating heart of Oman, Muscat is a capital where ancient and modern exist side by side. Here, you will see old markets, small shops, ancient towers and gates interspersed with a cosmopolitan mix of restaurants, fanulously ornate hotels, and gleaming malls - in line with a longstanding royal decree, no building in Muscat is over 10 storeys high.

Thanks to its strategic position in the gulf, this costal city is dotted with historic coastal forts and watchtowers. Towering over Muscat's skyline are the twin imposing forts of Al Mirani and Al Jilali, build in 1580 and perched at the headlands on Muscat Harbour. THese guard the Al Alam Palace, the official residence of His Majesty Sultan Qaboos, which features a stunning forecourt.

Another attraction is the Mutrah Corniche, a costal road dotted with latticed buildings and mosques. At one end of the Corniche is the old Muscat Gate (which is traditionally locked daily at sunset for almost 5 centuries), while at the other is a souq which has retained its chaotic charm and traditional way of life.

About Oman Air

The Oman Air fleet consists of most modern and fuel- efficient aircraft with aesthetically designed interiors. Ultra- modern in-flight service equipment is deployed onboard to improve safety and overall performance. Investment in new technology, planning and product innovation has propelled Oman Air to the forefront of the aviation industry.

Oman Air flies to over 45 destinations worldwide with one of the youngest fleet in the world.

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Flight number
Aircraft type
Route Departure (local time) Arrival (local time) Days of operation
WY 823 A330 MCT-KUL-SIN 0900 2230 Daily
WY 824 A330 SIN-KUL-MCT 0730 1220 Daily