As you have registered your fingerprints with Singapore’s immigration authority on arrival, you can enjoy a one-time use of the Automated Immigration Gates (AIGs) when departing Singapore.


Automated Immigration Gates (AIGs)

The AIGs use biometric technology to retrieve data from your passport and authenticate your identity at immigration.


Benefits of AIGs

Secure and faster option for immigration clearance



How to use AIGs

1.     Insert your passport into the scanner

2.     Remove your passport when prompted

3.     Enter the lane

4.     Place one of your thumbs on the scanner

5.     Exit the lane


Please note that when you depart using AIGs:

  • Immigration endorsement will not be given; and 
  • Embarkation card will not be collected
1. Who is eligible to use AIGs?

a.     Travellers whose fingerprints have been registered on arrival with Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA) of Singapore

b.     Singapore Citizens, Singapore Permanent Residents & Long Term Pass holders above the age of 6 whose fingerprints have been registered with ICA

c.      Work pass holder (i.e. Work Permit, S-Pass, Employment Pass and Dependent Pass) whose fingerprints have been registered with MOM

2. Why is immigration endorsement not required?

Immigration endorsements are not required as your departure will be electronically processed as you go through AIG.

3. Who will collect my embarkation card?

Your embarkation card will not need to be collected.

4. If I am departing from another terminal, can I still use the AIGs?

Yes, you are eligible to use the AIGs which are available across Terminal 1 to 4.

5. Can I bring my child with me through the AIG?

AIG processes one (1) passenger at a time. Children below 6 years old are to proceed to the immigration counters. Children who are 6 years old and above are eligible to use the AIGs if they have registered their fingerprint with Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA) of Singapore. There will be security staff to assist children who require help at the AIG.

6. I am a wheelchair user, can I use the AIGs?

You are advised to proceed to the immigration counters where security staff will direct you to the priority lane.

7. Can I use the Automated Immigration Gates the next time I visit Singapore?

Visitors of Singapore will be required to register their fingerprints at the immigration counter whenever they visit Singapore. After their fingerprints are registered, they will be able to use the AIGs when departing Singapore.