As you have just used Automated Immigration, you can enjoy the Automated Boarding Gates (ABGs) when departing Singapore today.


Automated Boarding Gates (ABGs)

The ABGs in T4 are self-clearance option for passengers during boarding. Passengers who have used the AIGs on the same day may use ABGs.


Benefits of ABGs

Secure and faster option for boarding clearance

How to use ABGs

1.     Scan boarding pass on the scanner

2.     Take a photo

3.     Exit the lane

Location of ABGs

All gates at Terminal 4 (“G” gates) are fitted with ABGs. Simply proceed to the assigned gate for your flight during boarding.



1. Can I use the ABGs if I did not use the AIGs in T4?

No, you will not be able to use the ABGs if you did not use the AIGs on the same day. Please proceed to counter for boarding.

2. Can I bring my child with me through the ABG?

ABG processes one (1) passenger at a time. Children below 6 years old are to proceed to the counters for boarding. Children who are 6 years old and above, and have used Automated Immigration on the same day are allowed to use the ABGs. There will be staff to assist children who require help.

3. I am a wheelchair user, can I use the ABG?

During boarding, you will be processed at the boarding counter and assisted to board the aircraft before other passengers.

4. What if I do not use the ABG?

Passengers who do not wish to use, or are not eligible to use, the ABGs may board through the counters.

5. What is the difference between ABG and conventional boarding?

ABGs is a self-clearance option where passengers can simply scan their boarding pass for authentication of identity with facial recognition technology. Conventional boarding requires the passengers to hand over their boarding pass and passport to airline staff for face-to-face identity authentication. 

6. Do I need to scan my fingerprint again at ABG?

No, you are only required to scan your boarding pass and take a photo to board your flight.

7. Can I use the ABGs in future?

To use the ABGs in future, you would be required to clear through Automated Immigration on the same day you depart.