Tsubohachi Izakaya Hokkaido

Tsubohachi Izakaya Restaurant presents an array of traditional and fusion Japanese creations that encompass appetisers, main courses, side dishes, and noodles. The indoor dining area is decorated with earth tones, wooden furniture, and red lanterns reminiscent of an izakaya-style diner, and is broken up into an open seating and booth section, which afford diners with some privacy. Sake and beer are available to add merriment to meals, and are great complements for the restaurant’s kushi dishes, grilled bite-sized skewers made with pork belly, chicken, or scallops.

Viewing Mall North, Level 3, Public Area
  • Public Area
  • Opening hours: 10.30am to 11.00pm daily
  • Tel: 6214 0320
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