What Mums Really Want for Mother's Day



Mother’s day – the special day in the year dedicated to celebrate and show our appreciation for Mums. Flowers and chocolates are really nice but what do Mums really crave for? We dare not speak for all Mums but from our conversations with some of the Mummies working at the airport, we managed to compile a list of tips (and hints) from these Mums on what they think would make the perfect Mother’s Day for them.


Having a day-off the Mum-chores

Being a Mum is real tough work – other than settling the household chores and taking care of their kids, these super ladies seem to be able to do just about anything under the sun. Perhaps that’s why what most Mums want is a day to sleep in, laze in bed with a good book and have someone take care of the household for once.

A suggestion would be for Dad to take charge and get the kids involved in tidying up the house and perhaps even whipping up a scrumptious meal. It would be a great way to bond with the kids and even teach them a thing or two about household chores.

However, if that sounds like it might potentially be an absolute mess that Mum will eventually need to clean up, then consider hiring someone to clean the house for the day, and then take Mum out for a gastronomic adventure where she can satisfy her cravings. Don’t sweat if you’re a little tight on the budget for some crazy feasting. Some of our favourite restaurants at Changi Airport are also in on the Mother’s day celebration with some great deals!

Click here to see a list of dining deals and a special parking promotion at Changi this Mother’s Day!


Something customised with love from the kids

Simple, handmade gifts from the kids never fail to put a smile on their Mums’ faces. It may be something cheesy like a hand-drawn card with hearts all over it, but believe us when we tell you that Mum treasures all of these dearly. Spending time to craft something from scratch tells her that she is deeply appreciated and loved by her family.

Dads could possibly join in the fun this year by doing more advanced handmade gifts with the kids, such as building an epic scrapbook for Mum filled with photos from over the years. You can also try baking sweet treats like cupcakes and cookies and get the kids to decorate them!


A special pampering session from the hubby

There really isn’t a better way of letting a lady feel like a queen other than treating her to a luxurious pampering session, where hours of rejuvenation and relaxation await. Beauty packages that include spa and massage are perfect for letting Mum enjoy lavish beauty treatments in a peaceful and quaint atmosphere, away from the hustle and bustle of life.

For dads who are out to impress, how about creating a similar experience in the comfort of your own home? With bath salts, scented candles and a sprinkle of flower petals, transform your bathroom into a heavenly home spa session for the mother of your kids. After that, present her with some beauty and wellness products to keep her radiant because hey, every lady wants a drop from the fountain of youth, right?


Checking off something from the (secret) wish list

Mums often have a list of things they’d love to indulge themselves with but often sacrifice these so that they can indulge their kids instead. This time, why not try surprising her with something she probably had her eyes on for a long time, but never got around to buying? It may sound impossible to find out about the items on her (secret) wish list, but if you put some thought into her personality (and with a little help from us), you’re bound to think of the perfect item in no time.

Spending some quality time with the family

With the kids busy in school and both Dad and Mum hard at work, the priceless gift of quality time with the whole family would probably be something Mums will be very thankful for. Whether it’s doing outdoor activities or just cuddling up in bed, as long as it’s a family affair, it’d sound like the perfect plan for Mum.

For the ultimate gift, whisk Mum plus the rest of the family away from their busy schedules for a getaway. Just 10 hours away, consider taking her to the beautiful land of Fiji, in the heart of the South Pacific. Check-in to one of their luxurious resorts and have some outdoor family fun such as diving in the crystal-clear ocean waters or playing volleyball on the white sandy beaches.

Whatever activity it is, the wonderful memories of this trip will indeed be something she will remember for a lifetime.


#ChangiBarepackers - Dare to travel bare for your next holiday?


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3 bloggers, 3 empty suitcases, 3 mystery destinations

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Find out where their mystery destinations were and watch how they fared in their shopping spree!


Do you dare to travel bare?

Would you dare to turn up at Changi Airport with nothing packed in your luggage? Watch how our #ChangiBarepackers Peggy Chang, Melissa Celestine Koh, Jemimah James Wei and Roz Pho found all that they needed (and more)!

Posted by Changi Airport on Monday, November 30, 2015



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9 must-buy souvenirs under $50 at Changi Airport



Souvenirs don’t have to mean boring magnets or garish bottle openers. If you’re stuck for interesting ideas, check out this list of mementos that you can get hold of at Changi Airport. From delicious local cake to quirky, colourful socks, they’ve all been specially chosen for their authentic Singapore flavour. Pick them up while you’re in transit, and bring home a cool keepsake of your travels in the Lion City for your loved ones (or just treat yourself).


1. Bengawan Solo Kueh Lapis, S$26.65 w/o GST (S$28.50 w/GST)

Also known as “spiced layer cake”, Kueh Lapis is a local tea-time favourite.
For many Singaporeans, the version by cake-shop chain Bengawan Solo is a familiar taste of home and makes a good gift as it comes conveniently packed in a tin.

Available at Bengawan Solo


2. Godiva Singapore Souvenir Biscuit Box, S$41.60 w/o GST (S$44.50 w/GST)

Fine chocolatier Godiva has a new range of delectable chocolate biscuits. This souvenir gift box – adorned with a number of Singapore’s most famous icons – offers two flavours, Petite Mousse and Hazelnut Belgique.

Available at So Chocolate


3. TWG Tea Singapore Breakfast Tea (100g), S$37.38 w/o GST (S$40.00 w/GST)

Created by home-grown luxury tea brand TWG Tea, this breakfast tea is said to evoke the harmony of Singapore, with a blend of green tea, black tea, vanilla and spices. Just like the Lion City, the tea’s flavour is complex with a hint of sweetness.

Available at TWG Tea Boutique


4. Vintage Kopi Cup Set, S$15.90 w/o GST (S$17.00 w/GST)

Miss your cup of local coffee, or kopi? Pick up this nifty cup and saucer set – its traditional design will remind you of the times sipping the thick, sweet brew at your neighbourhood kopitiam (coffee shop). Coffee sock not included.


5. Tiger Balm White & Red, S$28.22 w/o GST (S$30.20 w/GST)

Knead your aches away with this herbal pain relief ointment that’s a quintessential Singapore souvenir. This two-in-one pack comprises the classic white version to soothe headaches and a stuffy nose, and a warming, red one for body aches and pains.

Items 4 and 5 are available at Discover Singapore


6. Raffles Hotel Singapore Hainanese Chicken Rice Mix, S$15.90 w/o GST (S$17.00 w/GST)

Considered by many to be Singapore’s national dish, Hainanese chicken rice is the perfect introduction to local cuisine. This aromatic pre-mix paste offers a taste of not one, but two, icons of Singapore.

Available at Raffles Long Bar, Wines and Spirits by DFS


7. Eu Yan Sang Bak Kut Teh (box of 12 sachets), S$23.18 w/o GST (S$24.80 w/GST)

In Singapore, a favourite dish is bak kut teh, or pork bone tea soup. You can make your own version, with this mix of pre-packed herbs and spices, such as wolfberry and clove. Bring water to the boil, add the ingredients, simmer with your choice of meat, and voila! A comforting bowl of tasty, Singapore soup.

Available at Eu Yan Sang


8. 50 Things to Love About Singapore, S$23.35 w/o GST (S$25.00 w/GST)

National newspaper The Straits Times puts together an enjoyable read about the country we love, warts and all. From local heroes and language campaigns to making obsessive food choices and dancing at Zouk, this book covers all you need to know about what makes Singaporeans tick.


9. Colouring the Lion City, S$18.65 w/o GST (S$19.95 w/GST)

Adult colouring books are all the rage now to spur you to be more creative. Each page in this book aims to help grown-ups do just that, with fun, whimsical illustrations of Singapore’s places, icons and daily life.

Items 8 and 9 are available at Relay

Kopi or Coffee: What's the difference?



Whether you're looking for a pick-me-up after a long flight or hoping to kick-start your journey abroad on a high, a good cup of coffee is the perfect solution.

Deciding where to get your caffeine fix, however, is another matter. Singapore's vibrant coffee culture offers a whole gamut of choices, many of which can be found at Changi Airport.

Head to Kaffe & Toast if you're looking for the strong brew of traditional kopi, or have a shot of premium espresso at the Artisan Boulangerie Co. for something a little more delicate.

One uses specialty grade coffee beans, state-of-the-art equipment and precise brewing techniques; the other is guided by age-old traditions. Both have their fans who swear by a cup every morning.

To better understand the skill, hard work and passion that goes into making your favourite brew, we spoke to Jay Ng, the head barista at Artisan Boulangerie Co. and Alice Lim, a brewer from Kaffe & Toast, to delve into the intricacies of these two distinct forms of coffee making.


  Coffee Kopi
Beans Arabica – a specialty grade coffee bean with a more delicate flavour. Some espressos use a blend of Robusta and Arabica. Robusta - a stronger, harsher flavour with high caffeine content that older drinkers tend to favour. While cheaper than Arabica, they are also considered lower in quality. 
The Roast Arabica beans only require light roasting. Beans used for artisanal coffee are usually freshly roasted for around 13 to 15 minutes depending on the type of green coffee beans. Pre-roasted at low heat over a long period of time to produce a dark hue. Margarine, corn and other secret ingredients are added to give a fuller, more distinctive flavour.
Tools of the trade A highly precise elegant system that produces shots of coffee. Each shot is known as an espresso. A long cotton filter that looks like a sock, wielded by experienced kopi 'uncles' or 'aunties' to make your cup of coffee.

To extract the coffee, the machine features a pump that pushes water at high pressure through the coffee powder. The powder must be ground fine enough and packed firmly - so that the water can absorb as much flavour as possible from the coffee powder.

In the art of making coffee, baristas drink multiple cups of espresso to determine if they've hit the right taste notes. If not, they will recalibrate the equipment till they find the correct taste profile.

In the traditional “sock” method, heaps of coarsely ground coffee powder is placed in the sock filter over a large metal jug. Boiling water is then poured over the beans, with the resulting coffee drips into the jug.

Fresh steamed milk is added to the espresso to make a cafe latte or cappuccino. Baristas usually heat their milk between 61 to 65 degrees Celsius. This is the temperature under which the milk will not burn and its natural sweetness can be tasted.

Purists do not add sugar to their coffee, as they believe it alters the complex flavours of the brew but some people still sweeten their coffee with raw cane sugar or refined sugar.

Many fans of local coffee enjoy drinking kopi with condensed milk for a rich, sweet taste. Others prefer Kopi C, with sugar and carnation milk which is not as sweet or rich.
The taste test An espresso should not be served boiling hot. Rather, you should be able finish a cup in one gulp. Asians tend to like a less acidic flavour, although traditionalists believe that the acidity is required to pierce though any milk that is added. You know when you have a good cup of kopi when the surface of the liquid looks glossy.
Serving it up Baristas sometimes create 'latte art', intricate designs such as hearts or rosettas on the surface of your coffee. Comes in traditional porcelain cups on melamine saucers, without the frills.


There is no shortage of coffee joints at Changi Airport. Sample the best coffee and kopi Singapore has to offer at the establishments below.


Kopi Coffee

Kaffe & Toast
T2, Level 1, Public Area

1983 Taste of Nanyang
T2, Level 2, Public Area

Coffee & Toast
T1, Level 2, Public Area

Heavenly Wang
T1, Level 1, Public Area

Toast Box
T3, Level 2, Transit Area

Wang Café
T1, Level 1, Public Area
T2, Departure Transit Lounge Central, Level 2, Transit Area

Artisan Boulangerie Co.
T2, Level 2, Public Area

Costa Coffee
T3, Departure Transit Lounge Central
Level 2, Transit Area

Culto Caffe Ciocolato
T1, Departure Transit Lounge East
Level 3, Transit Area

O'Coffee Club
T3, Level 2, Public Area

Starbucks Coffee
T1, Departure Transit Lounge, near Gate D, Level 2, Transit Area
T1, Level 1, Transit Area
T1, Departure Transit Lounge, near Gate C, Level 2, Transit Area
T2, Level 2, Public Area
T3, Basement 2, Public Area

TCC – The Connoisseur Concerto
T3, Level 1, Public Area

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf
T1, Departure Transit Lounge Central, Level 2, Transit Area
T2, Departure Transit Lounge, near Gate F, Level 2, Transit Area
T3, Departure Transit Lounge Central, Level 2, Transit Area