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Hand-Carry Luggage Allowance

Airlines operating at Changi Airport allow economy class passengers to carry one (1) piece of hand-carry luggage weighing not more than 5kg (11lbs) or 7kg (16lbs), subject to airline allowance. In terms of size, the bag's length, breadth and height (including protrusion) must not exceed 115cm (46 inches) in total. For example, a bag with the dimension 55cm (L) + 40cm (B) + 20cm (H) will be allowed (L+B+H = 115cm). This luggage will be screened before passengers board the plane. Our x-ray machines are film safe and thus they will not damage your films or diskettes. Please remove all security items and sharp objects from your hand-carry luggage before going through the security screening. For more information on hand-carry luggage allowance and security items, please check with your respective airlines.

Excess Baggage

Most airlines allow up to a maximum of 20kg of baggage to be checked in. For baggage exceeding 20kg, you may choose to either air-freight it as unaccompanied baggage or pay an excess baggage charge. Please check with your airlines for more information.

Unaccompanied Luggage

The Airfreight Unaccompanied Luggage / Left Baggage Service facilities are located at:

  • Terminal 1 - Basement West
  • Terminal 2 - Arrival Hall North
  • Terminal 3 - Arrival Hall North

The Left Baggage Service facilities are located at:

  • Terminal 1 - Departure Transit Lounge East
  • Terminal 2 - Departure Transit Lounge South
  • Terminal 3 - Departure Transit Lounge North

The outlets are open 24 hours.

For enquiries for each terminal, please see below:

The charges are as follows:
1 piece of loose item (plastic bag / coat)$1.07 per 24 hours
Subsequent day$2.14 per 24 hours
1 piece of small luggage (below 10kg)$3.17 per 24 hours
Subsequent day$4.28 per 24 hours
1 piece of large luggage (above 10kg)$4.28 per 24 hours
Subsequent day$5.35 per 24 hours
1 piece of odd sized luggage; or surf board$8.56 per 24 hours
Subsequent day$10.70 per 24 hours

Terminal 1

  • Basement 2
    Tel: (65) 6214 0628
  • Departure Transit Lounge, Level 2
    Tel: (65) 6214 0318

Terminal 2

  • Arrival Hall, Level 1
    Tel: (65) 6214 1683
  • Departure Transit Lounge , Level 2
    Tel: (65) 6214 0448

Terminal 3

  • Arrival Hall, Level 1
    Tel: (65) 6242 8936
  • Departure Transit Lounge, Level 2
    Tel: (65) 6242 5318

Porter Services

Upon checking in at your departure airport, you can request for luggage assistance from your airline. Alternatively, you may contact our Duty Supervisors at the following numbers upon arrival at Changi Airport to arrange for a porter to assist you with your luggage.

  • Terminal 1 - Tel: (65) 9179 4836
  • Terminal 2 - Tel: (65) 9117 6311
  • Terminal 3 - Tel: (65) 9718 9094 

Restricted Luggage Items

International safety measures are in place to protect you and your loved ones when travelling. It is important to comply with these measures, as failure to do so could endanger the safety of all passengers on board the aircraft. It is also an offence if you fail to comply with them. Check for Restricted Baggage Items

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