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If you like shopping, you'll love Changi Airport. You'll be spoilt for choice, with retail offerings ranging from luxury goods to souvenirs and daily necessities.



Luvenus touches the heights of excellence in the Retail and wholesale industry of Gold Jewellers. Operating 24 hours in the Terminal 1 and 2 Departure Lounge, you will be served by our dedicated and friendly sales team. Price, Quality and Service - these are the solitary pillars of our Luvenus outlets.

Luvenus promises beauty in brilliance. We are a 22k and 24k retailer of more than 4000 unique designs crafted by expert jewellers worldwide for both traditional and modern jewellery. Our product range includes rings, bracelets, earrings, necklaces, pendants and so forth.

We carry the most exclusive and alluring pieces of jewellery only available in our Luvenus outlet. We are proud providers of gold jewellery to a myriad of tastes - from the simplest to the sophisticated personas from all walks of life. Be it for yourself or your significant other, you'll find your perfect gold accessory at Luvenus.


Terminal 1

Terminal 2

Departure Transit Lounge
Opening Hours : 24 hours
Tel : (65) 6543 0840
Fax: (65) 6543 0841
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