Under the Vaccinated Travel Lane (VTL) arrangement, fully vaccinated travellers (including Singapore Citizens and Permanent Residents) can now travel to Singapore without serving quarantine. 


Fully vaccinated travellers* from Vaccinated Travel Lane (VTL) countries / regions can travel to Singapore without any restrictions on the purpose of the trip and need not serve quarantine, nor adhere to stay-home-notice requirements or a controlled itinerary.

All Singapore Citizens / Permanent Residents and unvaccinated children aged 12 and below in the current calendar year  do not need to apply for a Vaccinated Travel Pass  to travel under the VTL.

There are no new ticket sales on all designated VTL flights arriving in Singapore between 23 December 2021 and 20 January 2022 (inclusive).  Travellers with existing bookings or transiting in Singapore are not affected by this latest directive.

Information accurate as at 22 December 2021.


Please click here for the list of airlines approved to operate designated VTL flights to Singapore from your country of departure.

Please note that not all flights departing from VTL countries/regions and operated by approved airlines are designated VTL flights. Travellers should consult their airlines to confirm the flight numbers and days of operation of the designated VTL flights



To enter Singapore, travellers must comply with a list of VTL conditions, including but not limited to the following:

Note: Unvaccinated travellers who are 12 and below in this calendar year can travel to Singapore via VTL if accompanied by a fully vaccinated traveller who meets all the requirements.

Pre-departure Preparation

Before entering Singapore via a VTL, travellers must:

  1. Obtain an accepted proof of vaccination

  2. Apply for a Vaccinated Travel Pass (Air) [VTP Air] 3 - 60 days before the intended date of travel. For a smooth application, please ensure that you have a valid passport, proof of vaccination and address in Singapore ready.

    Note: Singapore Citizens, Permanent Residents, and children aged 12 and below who are accompanied by vaccinated travellers do not need to apply for the VTP Air.

  3. Apply for Entry Visa (if required)
    Click here to find out if you require an entry visa

  4. Book tickets for a designated VTL (Air) flight

  5. Purchase mandatory Covid-19 travel insurance with a minimum coverage of S$30,000. Click here to purchase travel insurance from Changi Recommends.

  6. Secure self-isolation accomodation

  7. Take a Pre-Departure Covid-19 PCR test (PDT) at an accredited or authorised testing facility or a professionally-administered Antigen Rapid Test (ART) within 2 days before departure for Singapore, and obtain a valid test report that shows a negative test result. 

    Note: Children aged 2 and below in this calendar year do not require a PDT.

  8. Submit the SG Arrival Card health and travel history declaration up to 3 days before arriving in Singapore.

  9. Register and pre-pay for On-arrival Covid-19 PCR test via Changi Safe Travel Concierge

  10. Download the TraceTogether mobile application and register a profile for contact tracing purposes 


Please refer to the Safe Travel Portal for a more detailed travel check list. 

Check-in at Departing Airport to Singapore

When checking in at the departure airport, travellers must present to the airline staff all the documents listed below:

  1. Valid travel documents (e.g. Passport)

  2. Approved Vaccinated Travel Pass for the specified period of entry

  3. Valid pre-departure Covid-19 PCR test or professionally administered ART test showing a negative test result

  4. Valid Entry Visa (if applicable)

  5. Acceptable proof of vaccination

  6. Copy of Covid-19 travel insurance policy

  7. Mobile device with the TraceTogether mobile application with an active user profile


Note: Singapore Citizens and Permanent Residents need only present (1), (3) and (5) above.

Travellers who do provide all the required documentation may be denied boarding by the airline. 

Arriving in Singapore Changi Airport

Upon arriving at Singapore Changi Airport, travellers are to:

1. Clear Immigration

Please present the following documents to clear immigration:

  1. Valid travel documents (e.g. Passport)
  2. Approved Vaccinated Travel Pass for the specified period of entry
  3. Valid pre-departure Covid-19 PCR test or professionally administered ART test showing a negative test result
  4. Valid Entry Visa (if applicable)
  5. Acceptable proof of vaccination 
  6. Proof of completion of SG Arrival Card

Note: Travellers who wish to purchase SIM cards or exchange for Singapore currency may do so at the Changi Recommends booth within the transit area before clearing Arrival Immigration. 

2. Collect your bags from Baggage Claim Hall 

3. Take On-arrival PCR Test at the airport

Please have the following ready for your PCR test:

  1. Passport
  2. Booking confirmation in the form of a QR code for the On-arrival PCR test  

4. Leave the airport

Travellers must only take private transportation, taxi or private hire car from the airport to the declared place of accommodation and self-isolate until a negative Covid-19 PCR test result is conveyed (typically within 24 hours). Travellers must not take public transport (e.g. Bus or MRT). 

During your stay in Singapore

Travellers are required to undergo self-administered Covid-19 ARTs at Quick Test Centres or Combined Test Centres on Days 3 & 7 of their arrival in Singapore. Instructions for the dates of tests and appointment booking will be emailed to you after your arrival in Singapore.


Travellers are also required to self-administer Covid-19 ART using self-procured ART kits on Days 2, 4, 5 and 6 of arrival in Singapore and submit the results online. Instructions for the dates of the tests and the weblink for results submission will be emailed to you after your arrival in Singapore.


Please refer to the Safe Travel Portal for more details about Post-Arrival Covid-19 Tests


Travellers must adhere to the prevailing public health regulations and Safe Management Measures (SMMs) when in Singapore.

As a general guideline, one should:

  • Always keep the mask on except when eating, drinking, or exercising
  • Keep to the limited group size for dine-in and social gatherings, provided that the requirements for Vaccination-Differentiated SMMs are met.
  • Use the TraceTogether mobile application or token for contact tracing purposes
  • Follow physical distancing guidelines in public settings, and limit contact with people from outside your social bubble

More information about prevailing SMMs can be found on the Ministry of Health website [32]

Departing from Singapore

Please refer to the 'Departing from Singapore' page for more information.

Travellers should check with the authorities of the destination country/region on the requirements imposed on travellers departing from Singapore. Travellers should also review the latest travel advisories from Ministry of Health and Ministry of Foreign Affairs prior to their departure from Singapore.

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