Fully vaccinated travellers from Singapore can travel to Germany without any restrictions on the purpose of the trip and need not serve quarantine, nor adhere to stay-home-notice requirements or a controlled itinerary.


Travel from Singapore to Germany does not require a VTL flight. Travellers who wish to return to Singapore via the VTL must ensure that they are booked on a designated VTL flight for their return journey from Germany to Singapore.

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  • Apply for Visa (if required)
  • Book a designated VTL flight for your return journey from Germany to Singapore


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Departing Singapore Changi Airport

On the day of the scheduled flight, travellers will need to prepare the following to check-in with the airline:

  • Valid travel documents
  • Valid Visa (if required)
  • Proof of full Covid-19 vaccination OR a negative COVID-19 test result taken within 48 hours before departure (electronic or printed copy)
Arriving at Frankfurt / Munich Airport

Travellers should always wear a mask at the airport.

Upon arrival in Germany, clear arrival immigration with valid travel documents and proof of vaccination status.

During your stay in Germany

Observe local regulations and comply with social distancing measures. Travel Germany provides information on regional regulations, visit for more details.

Travellers can also use the voluntary Corona Warn app to be notified of potential exposure.

Preparing to return to Singapore
  • Take a COVID-19 PCR test at an approved centre such Centogene within 48 hours before the designated flight to Singapore and to produce a negative test result
  • Book and pre-pay your On-Arrival COVID-19 PCR test to be done at Changi Airport
  • Submit your SG Arrival Card within three days before your arrival in Singapore
Departing Frankfurt / Munich Airport

On the day of the designated flight, travellers are advised to arrive early at the airport as there may be a longer check-in or waiting time due to corona regulations. You will need to prepare the following to check-in with the airline:

  • Valid travel documents
  • Proof of full Covid-19 vaccination
  • Proof of negative COVID-19 test result taken within 48 hours before departure

For more information and latest update of airport procedures, please visit:

Arriving in Changi Airport 

Take the COVID-19 PCR test at the airport and immediately take private transportation, taxi, or private hire car from the airport to their declared place of accommodation. Travellers must remain isolated at the accommodation until the test result is confirmed to be negative. Travellers will receive test result in 12 hours. After being notified of their negative test results, travellers will be allowed to go about their activities in Singapore.



Outbound Travel To Germany


Travellers under the VTL arrangement must be fully vaccinated in the VTL country/region of departure or Singapore and must have remained in Singapore the last 14 days prior to departure. The 14 days period must exclude any time spent in quarantine or Stay-Home Notice (SHN) arising from their last return to Singapore.

Please visit Immigration & Checkpoints Authority’s Safe Travel page for full details.


Yes. Unvaccinated children aged 12 and below may travel on VTL flights if accompanied by a fully vaccinated traveller who meets all the VTL requirements.


Pre-flight preparations

travellers are only required to show proof of full vaccination status.

Singapore is classified as a non-risk area to Germany, hence travellers arriving from Singapore are not required to undergo quarantine upon arrival in Germany. All individuals aged six years or older travelling to Germany by air must hold proof of one of the following before entering Germany:

  • Proof of a negative COVID-19 test result
  • Proof of full COVID-19 vaccination
  • Proof of recovery from a COVID-19 infection. A positive PCR test result carried out at least 28 days, but not more than six months previously.

While not compulsory, travellers are still encouraged to secure a comprehensive travel insurance policy that covers COVID-19-related costs.

The eRegistration is a voluntary and free service provided by the MFA to all Singapore citizens who travel or reside overseas. The system allows you to record information about your travel itinerary abroad and allows to contact you in order to make sure that you are safe and, if need be, assist you should an emergency (eg natural disasters, civil unrest, etc) occur when you are abroad.

Arrival in Germany

Upon arrival, you can clear immigration as per normal, and carry on with your intended itinerary.

To be eligible to return to Singapore from Germany on a VTL flight, travellers must have only been to their country/region of departure and/or Singapore in the last 21 consecutive days before departing for Singapore.

Preparing for your return to Singapore

There are testing facilities within the German airports that offers PCR tests with results in 35 minutes. Pre-bookings are required. Visit the airport website for more information and options.

For more information on MOH's approved test centres, visit here.

All Singapore Citizens, Permanent Residents, and Long-Term Pass holders arriving on designated VTL flights will be required to take an on-arrival COVID-19 PCR test at Changi Airport. Passengers are required to remain in isolation until test results are released. 

Safety precautions in Germany

The “Corona Warn” app by the German government is a voluntary Covid-19 contact tracing app. The app notifies users when they have been in contact with other users that have tested positive.

Generally, masks are required in indoor venues. Some indoor attractions may require visitors to show proof of full vaccination status, or a negative COVID-19 test result. Different regulations apply in each federal state. For the most updated information, please visit the Germany Federal Government website.

Enjoying Germany

Some hotels may require guests to show proof of full vaccination status, or a negative COVID-19 test result. Please contact your hotel to confirm what is required.

Most businesses are open to visitors; however, federal state regulations apply. Hence, do check before visiting.

Yes, public transport within the city is operating as per normal. Travellers can get around the city by bus, trains as well as taxis. 

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