Breathalyser Trial

Changi Airport is facilitating a trial to test for Covid-19 infection using breath analysers. Samples collected will be used and compared against Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) test results to develop and determine the reliability of the technology.​

As the breathalyser test can deliver results more quickly, it will be useful as Changi Airport prepares for the reopening of international borders. ​

Frequently Asked Questions

The trial is to test the accuracy of the breath analysers compared against existing PCR tests in detecting Covid-19 infections.

As the breathalyser test can deliver results more quickly, it will be useful as Changi Airport prepares for the reopening of international borders. 

The trial is looking at two ways to collect samples. The first mode involves breathing into the analyser directly through a disposable mouthpiece. The second mode involves breathing into a disposable capsule with a HEPA filter, capping it off and then putting it through the analyser. 

The test results will be ready in around 1 to 2 minutes. As this is a trial, results will be collected for further analysis and will not be revealed to participants. 

No, participation is voluntary and trial participants are selected at random. 

No. For this trial, all arriving passengers will still need to go through the PCR test first. 

It will be done at the T1 Changi Testing Facility. 

Results of the trial will continue to be observed and monitored as it progresses.

Contactless Lift Buttons

Contactless lift buttons using infrared technology are being installed at lifts across Changi Airport as part of a trial to create a safer airport experience. ​

Instead of pressing traditional lift buttons, users simply hover their finger over the lift button – whether to open or close the lift door, or select their desired floor level.​