Passengers who transit through Changi Airport can expect a new experience that has been designed to protect the health and safety of passengers and workers, while remaining convenient and comfortable. Airport workers serving transit passengers are briefed daily before their shifts and reminded on the safe practices and measures to be adopted.

The Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore has invited airlines to submit their proposals for transfer lanes through Changi Airport. The proposals will be evaluated taking into account aviation safety, public health considerations, as well as the health of passengers and air crew. Passengers interested in connecting through Changi Airport to reach their final destination should consult their airline on options available.

For an updated list of originating destinations from which transit flights are offered by the Singapore Airlines Group, please click here.


Upon arriving at Changi Airport, you will be met by our airport staff and guided to a Transit Holding Area (THA) in the terminal your next flight will be departing from.

Note: Singapore has lifted border restrictions with Australia, Brunei, Mainland China, New Zealand and Taiwan. Passengers from these places can proceed on their own to the Departure Transit Area to wait for their next flight.

At the THA, you can enjoy comfortable seating while waiting for your next flight.

Other amenities at the THA include a snooze area, a nursing station, a play area for your children, Internet stations and free wi-fi.

For those on a long layover, you can also book a stay at the transit hotel, located at Terminal 1, near boarding gate D41. 

You will be able to purchase light meals, snacks and drinks from vending machines or on-site kiosks. You can also use an app for food delivery services, including halal options, from selected airport F&B outlets.

You will also be able to make tax-free purchases using our shopping concierge service. Products offered include those sold by Shilla Cosmetics and Perfumes, and Gift by Changi Airport. Once your items are ready, they will be delivered to the THA for your collection. 

Duty and tax-free products are also available to passengers in the THA with more than 12 hours before their departing flight. You can shop at Changi Airport’s e-commerce website iShopChangi and have your purchases delivered to the THA.

When it’s time for your departure flight, our staff will guide you from the THA to the gate for security screening and boarding.

For airlines’ premium passengers, a separate enclosed waiting area in the THA will be provided, with food and drinks served to you. Depending on the airline’s policy, eligible passengers may also use the airlines' lounge during their transit time.



The safety of our passengers is a top priority at Changi Airport. While transiting through Changi, we have implemented safety measures at every stage of the journey to protect both passengers and airport staff.

There is temperature taking at the entrance of the THA, and only transit passengers and authorised airport staff can enter. Anyone with a high temperature or who appears unwell will be referred for medical attention.

All passengers must wear a face mask and adhere to safe distancing markers. 

Seats in the THAs are vacuumed and wiped regularly with disinfectant. Frequently-touched surfaces such as charging stations, tables and playgrounds have been sprayed with a long-lasting anti-microbial disinfectant coating that reduces the risk of virus transmission.

Carpets are vacuumed daily by autonomous cleaning robots equipped with a HEPA filter that catches fine particles, including dust and pollen, while vacuuming. In addition, we have deployed autonomous cleaning robots that are equipped with a misting machine that disinfects the carpets after cleaning.

Many contactless hand sanitisers are available for use in the THAs.

Restrooms inside the THAs are cleaned and disinfected frequently and are equipped with automatic sensor-activated water taps. Entering and exiting a restroom is also a contactless process.

Airport staff working in the THAs must use a face mask, face shield and gloves. Each staff will have their temperature taken before entering the area.

At the beginning of each of their shifts, all airport staff working in the THAs must go through a comprehensive checklist of safety measures, and ensure compliance.

For more information, please refer to our FAQs.

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