• Zonal Segregation in Arrival Hall


    Family, Friends and Professional Services (Hotel, Transport and Company Representatives)

    You are allowed to pick-up passengers at the Arrival Halls as long as they are not required to serve SHN at dedicated facilities/ hotels. Please park at the following carparks: 

    • T1 Carpark, any level
    • T3 Carpark 3A, Basement 1 Level

    You will need to present the arriving passengers’ flight itinerary or a copy of your company’s authorisation letter/email to enter the meeting zone, after the flight has landed. Only one representative is allowed to pick up each arriving passenger group.


    Alternatively, you may wish to pick-up the arriving passengers, using your own vehicles, at the terminal’s Arrival Pick-Up kerbside:

    • T1 Basement 1 Arrival Pick-Up
    • T3 Basement 1 Arrival Pick-Up, Door 1 or Door 2

    Please contact the arriving passengers before driving to the pick-up points.

    If there is more than one arrival passenger sharing the same vehicle, they should have the same travel history and are heading towards the same declared place of accommodation.


    Pre-arranged transport and taxi services

    Arrival passengers who are not required to serve their SHN at dedicated facilities/ hotels can pre-arrange their own transport for pick-up at the terminal’s Arrival Pick-up kerbside. Taxi services will also be available for passengers.





    Please follow this flow guide to pick-up passengers arriving at Terminal 1



    Please follow this flow guide to pick-up passengers arriving at Terminal 3