Live it up like a local

Have a brisk encounter with Singapore in eight hours. Travelling distances from one part of the island to the other are short, so feel free to venture out of Changi Airport and take in the city's sights and sounds. You can also indulge in iconic local dishes within the airport and take home authentic local souvenirs before you depart!

Taste our Local Cuisine
Ya Kun Kaya Toast (Terminals 1 and 3)

Enjoy the classic Singaporean breakfast of kaya toast and soft-boiled eggs at this famous traditional café. Or tuck into delicious local favourites such as nasi lemak istimewa, laksa and mee rebus.


Souvenir Shopping
Discover Singapore (Terminal 1)

Take home a spectacular variety of curated local souvenirs. Featuring the iconic merlion and popular Singaporean icons, these themed gifts will delight your loved ones and make brilliant keepsakes.


Bee Cheng Hiang (Terminal 1)

Bee Cheng Hiang’s finger-licking good traditional meat snacks, such as pork, chicken and beef bak kwa, are a hit among locals. Don't forget to try their meat flosses, Chinese sausages, dried cuttlefish, and other snacks too.