Wondering what your travel style says about you? Take the quiz to find out! 

Join our loveable and friendly Changi Service Mascot, MAX, on a quiz to discover your travel personality (aka your travel soul-max!).

Be the first 300 to complete the quiz to win complimentary credits to the T3 Underground Carnival! Click here to find more about the carnival.


Scan the QR code or click the link below on your mobile phones to start playing the quiz!

  1. How do I know if I am the first 300 users to complete the quiz?
    The first 300 users will be able to notified through a pop-up banner and redemption button. Unfortunately, if you do not see either the pop-up banner or redemption button, you were not the first 300 users to complete the quiz.
  2. How many times can I redeem the credits?
    One eligible user will be able to redeem the credits one (1) time. Upon redemption, you will find one (1) pass in your wallet which will grant you 5 complimentary credits for the T3 Underground Carnival.
  3. How do I redeem the credits?
    If you are the first 300 users to complete the quiz, you would be notified via a pop-up banner or see a button that you can redeem the free credits. The redemption buttons will redirect you to the redemption page.
    Simply add your complimentary credits to the cart. Once you check out your cart, your credits will automatically appear in your wallet!
  4. When does my carnival credits expire?
    Your credits will expire at the end of the carnival. Please find out more information about the carnival by clicking here.
  5. Where is the carnival located at?
    The carnival is split into 3 main areas in Terminal 3.
    The Modern World  is located at Basement 2 at the area opposite Kopitiam, beside Unity and beside Ichikokudo Hokkaido Ramen.
    The Great World  is located at Basement 2 Carpark 3A - walk further down from The Modern World towards Eu Yan Sang and you will reach Carpark 3A.
    The Future World  is located at Basement 3 - take the passenger lift located opposite Eu Yan Sang to Basement 3.

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  2. This Quiz is organised and administered by Changi Airport Group (Singapore) Pte Ltd (“CAG”).
  3.  As a condition of entry into the Quiz, each participant must have registered for a Changi Account (the “Participant”).
  4.  The Quiz can only be accessed online via the iChangi mobile application.
  5.  Each Participant who wishes to take part in the Quiz will be invited to answer a series of questions relating to their travel preferences. Based on the responses provided by the Participant, a travel persona will be generated for the Participant.
  6. All Participants who completed the Quiz will receive a set of personalized content, deals and/or promotions. Terms & conditions apply for each individual content, deal, and/or promotion. 
  7.  In addition, the first 300 Participants who complete the Quiz shall be rewarded with $5 worth of credits which may be used at the T3 Underground Carnival.  Eligible Participants must click on the “Claim My Prize” button (which will be shown at the end of the Quiz) to be directed to Playpass, where the $5 credit will be deposited to the Participant’s account. 
  8.  All prizes are non-negotiable, non-transferable, non-refundable and non-exchangeable for cash, credit, goods or benefits-in-kind. No compensation shall be payable if a winner is unable to use a prize, fails to use his prize or fails to collect his prize in accordance with the Quiz T&Cs. There shall be no refund or exchange for any prize (whether used or unused).
  9.  CAG reserves the right to not issue any prize or to claw back any prize awarded if CAG has reasonable grounds for believing that the Participant has engaged in fraud or if the Partcipant did not comply with any part of these Terms and Conditions, and in all circumstances CAG’s decision shall be final.
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    • a)    forfeit, disqualify or refuse to allow any Participant to participate in the Quiz; 
    • b)    disregard any incomplete, improper, or late entries in relation to the Quiz; and/or 
    • c)     modify or discontinue, temporarily or permanently, the Quiz without prior notice.
  13.  CAG may (but shall not be obliged to) notify Participants of such changes by publishing the revised Terms and Conditions or by such other means of communication as CAG may determine in its absolute discretion, from time to time.  Any changes in the Terms and Conditions shall be effective from the date of publishing.
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