Cactus Garden

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The Cactus Garden features more than 100 species of cacti and arid plants from the deserts and dry areas of Asia, Africa and America. This roof garden is a popular place for visitors to stretch out and bask in the sun. With a bar within the garden, you can enjoy a drink or two as you relax.  

Notable plants featured in the garden include various forms of Cycads – a tenacious survivor of the dinosaur era – and other surreal plants like the Golden Barrel Cactus, Oldman Cactus and the giant Ponytail trees. Visitors to the garden can also see edible Apple Cactus (Cereus spp) and Prickly Pear Cactus (Opuntia spp) and other economically important arid plants from different parts of the world.

Terminal 1 

Departure Transit Hall, Level 3

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