Entertainment Deck

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Keep yourself occupied while waiting for your connecting flight! From Xbox 360 and Kinect stations to a movie theatre and MTV booth, the Entertainment Deck is your one-stop integrated, multimedia entertainment centre for all round good times. 


Xbox Kinect room

Get movin' with Kinect Sports. This new sports gaming experience is based on your movements and actions, including facial expressions and voice. Just choose between table tennis, beach volleyball, track and field events, bowling, boxing or soccer for hours of entertainment with family or friends, and a good workout too!


MTV booth

Catch your favourite music videos on a 50-inch plasma television with great quality sounds piped directly to your seat.


Movie theatre

With its cushy seats, picture projection and sound technology, the movie theatre hits the sweet spot with movie buffs. 


Xbox 360 / PlayStation 3

Make a beeline for these game consoles for some non-stop action.



Hungry or thirsty from all the excitement? Refuel at the cafeteria at the Entertainment Deck. Delicious local and international snacks like grilled meat, fried rice and American breakfast will keep your energy levels up. 


Terminal 2

Departure Hall, next to the Sunflower Garden, Level 3, Transit Hall

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