What makes Changi Airport tick? What’s the special ingredient to create the unique Changi Experience? How does Changi get its busy terminals and airside to work together like clockwork?

Visitors will get a chance to learn about Changi’s people, operations, developments and more in Changi’s very own Airport Tours!

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Getting to know Changi - Tour 1

Visitors will have a better understanding of how Changi Airport Group designed our terminals and visitor experiences, what makes the airport tick and how we manage to stay the most awarded airport in the world since the airport started operations. 

This is a walking tour of Terminals 3 and 2 for groups (max. of 30), not available for booking by individuals.

(Note: visitors should be at least 18 years old)

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Getting to know Changi - Tour 2

Visitors will learn about what goes behind-the-scenes at Changi, to keep the airport going like clockwork. 

Go on a bus tour in the airside to learn interesting nuggets of information and gain insights to special jobs at the airport. Visitors will also learn about innovations that the airport started trialling over the last few years. 

This bus tour is for groups (max. of 17), not available for booking by individuals.

(Note: visitors should be at least 18 years old)

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Tour 1 costs S$545 (includes 9% GST) per tour.

Tour 2 costs S$1,090 (includes 9% GST) per tour.

Payment will be made using credit card, via our online platform. We will not be able to issue e-invoice or manual invoice.

There is no minimum group size.

Maximum group size for Tour 1 is 30 persons.

Maximum group size for Tour 2 is 17 persons.

For groups larger than the maximum group size stated, organisations should make additional tour bookings on another day.

Yes, but visitors who require wheelchair assistance should be accompanied by a fellow visitor.

Both tours will take approximately 1.5 hours to complete.

Tour 1 will start in Terminal 3 and end at Terminal 2.

Tour 2 will start in Terminal 2 and end at either Terminal 2 or 3, depending on the visitor's preference

Yes, you will need to go through security screening as part of the tour.

Please do not bring along any sharp objects, or liquids, aerosols or gel (LAGs) of more than 100ml, as these will be discarded during the security screening process.

Please avoid shorts, slippers or sandals.

Both tours will be conducted indoors.

For Tour 2, the airside tour will be conducted in an air-conditioned bus.

Yes. Please bring along your NRIC or work permit, as you will need to exchange it for your airport pass to enter the restricted area.