Interested to learn how Changi Airport pivoted our business during Covid-19? Want to find out about innovation and technology taking place at Changi, and visit behind-the-scene areas?

For Singapore-based organisations, you can sign up for Changi’s airport tours now!

For overseas organisations who are interested in this tour, please email us at 

The Getting to Know Changi tour

Adult visitors will have a better understanding of how Changi Airport pivoted our business during Covid-19, as well as why Changi stayed opened during this period, to keep Singapore connected to the world.

The tour comprises a briefing, followed by a bus tour in the airside of Changi Airport, where visitors will get to see areas behind-the-scene.


There is a charge of $500 (GST excluded) per tour.


There is no minimum group size. Maximum group size is 17 persons.

For groups larger than 17 persons, organisations should make additional tour bookings on another day.

Yes, but visitors who require wheelchair assistance should be accompanied by a fellow visitor.

The whole tour will take approximately 2 hours to complete.

The tour will start in Terminal 2, and can end at either Terminal 2 or 3, depending on the visitor's preference.

Yes, you will need to go through security screening before entering the airside. Please do not bring along any sharp objects, or liquids, aerosols or gel (LAGs) of more than 100ml, as these will be discarded during the security screening process.

Please avoid shorts, slippers or sandals.

The whole tour will be conducted under shelter, in office environment (for presentation) and in air-conditioned bus (for airside tour).

You will not be getting off the bus during the tour.

Yes. Please bring along your NRIC or work permit, as we need to verify your details before issuing you with an airport pass to enter the airside.