• Changi Airport’s Terminal 1 and 3, and Jewel Changi Airport will be temporarily closed to the public from 13 to 26 May 2021. This is to provide time to complete a special Covid-19 swab test for all frontline airport staff, and the cleaning and disinfection of premises and facilities.    

    The airport remains open for air travel during this period. However, access to the terminals will be restricted to passengers with air tickets and essential airport workers. Passenger can continue to be dropped off and picked up at the airport. Only essential services and selected F&B outlets will remain open for passengers and airport workers.

  • Engineering and Development

    Baggage Handling

    Maintaining a highly efficient airport is not easy. The baggage handling system that Changi Airport maintains is a highly complex one that is an adventure to tell on its own. Follow local celebrity, Michelle Chia, as she brings you on an insider's tour of Changi's baggage handling system.

    Other Behind Changi Episodes



    A meticulous adherence to technicalities is something we treat seriously and take pride in. Connecting passengers across our terminals seamelssly is no easy feat. We constantly keep a close watch to ensure that our systems operate smoothly every minute of the day.

    Airfield Lighting

    One of the most crucial aspects of a flight landing is the visibility of the runway environment. Good visibility helps the pilot to align the aircraft with the runway upon arrival at a prescribed point on approach. We work with the best to employ the newest technologies and excellent hardware to ensure the safety of all passengers.

    Passenger Boarding Bridges

    Ever grateful for sheltered walkways? Passenger boarding bridges ensure that you have dry access to your flights in all weathers, and enhances operational safety.

    Here at Changi, we are one of the world's first to have double boarding bridges for larger aircrafts, allowing you to board faster and have more time to enjoy the airport facilities.

  • Master planning

    To optimise Changi Airport’s long-term growth potential and meet the growing needs of airlines and passengers, visionary master planning is needed to ensure we provide more than adequate, high quality airport infrastructure for the sustained development of Changi as a world-class air hub and destination of choice.

    Passenger Terminal Design

    Here at Changi Airport, passenger terminal design, along with your enjoyable experience, comes at the top of our minds. Our terminals are designed to be adaptable and forward-looking.

    While we strive to create a vibrant and cosmopolitan air hub, Changi will still feel like home for passengers, locals and the airport community alike.

    Capacity Planning

    We believe in ensuring that the Changi Experience will always be enjoyable and Positively Surprising. This is why capacity planning is important to us, to ensure that we will always have adequate capacity to meet all future demands.

    We are in the process of constructing future terminals ahead of demand, with Terminal 5 underway and ready for completion in the 2030s. Our existing terminals are also constantly evaluated to ensure that there is sufficient space for growth.