Vehicle Parking Certificate Application

Under the Land Transport Authority (LTA) Vehicle Parking Certificate (VPC) scheme, heavy vehicles in Singapore need to have a parking space licensed by LTA. During the registration of a new heavy vehicle, road tax renewal, transfer of ownership or conversion, the heavy vehicle owner must produce a VPC as proof that they have a designated parking space for overnight parking. A valid VPC must accompany the road-tax period coverage of the heavy vehicle at all times.

Within Changi Airfreight Centre (CAC), a VPC is required for heavy vehicle parking. Heavy vehicle is defined as:

  • Any heavy goods vehicle whose maximum laden weight is more than 5,000kg
  • Any trailer, container trailer, low loader or flat-bed trailer, whose maximum laden weight is more than 5,000kg

CAC VPC approved heavy vehicle must park at designated VPC parking space in CAC when not in use. Kindly note that relevant CAC parking charges and fees will apply. Heavy vehicles parking on non-approved parking space will attract penalties and / or fines.

Relevant companies may apply for a CAC VPC via the VPC E-Application Form. Each VPC application fee will cost $6.00 and shall be valid for up to 12 months. All CAC issued VPC are not transferable. Please note that the applications will be processed on the 1st and 15th day of each month (or next working day due to weekends or public holidays). Changi Airport Group (CAG) reserves all rights to reject applications and provide validity period of less then 12 months at its discretion.

For further enquiries and application of Heavy Vehicle Parking Certificate, please contact Wilson Parking at +65 9336 2249 (24-hrs) or and For related feedback, please contact CAG at