The Certis guardian road angels of Changi

June 2023

By Certis


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Have you ever noticed uniformed outriders on motorbikes along Airport Boulevard when you are travelling to and from Changi Airport?

They may be mistaken to be traffic police, but they are actually Auxiliary Police Officers (APO) from Certis whom, lesser known to many, form a critical part of the airport community, as part of Changi's operations to make our passengers’ experience a smooth and pleasant one.

These APOs from Certis CISCO Auxiliary Police Force (APF) form part of the Certis Aviation Security Roadway Team, which works with the Changi Airport Group Roadway Unit to conduct patrols and respond to incidents within the airport premises including the four terminals and Airport Boulevard. Their main responsibilities are to ensure the safety and security of airport users 24/7 on the publicly accessible roadways. Being the first responders to incidents, which may pose safety threats or cause traffic delays to airport users, these officers provide swift assistance and work hand-in-hand with airport authorities including the Airport Police Division and the Traffic Police.

Over the years, the Roadway Team have had their fair share of unique incidents. Here's a sneak peek at some of their personal experiences. 

Saving lives is part of the job

Corporal (APF) Jeya Ganesh met with a situation where his initiative and quick reaction helped save a life. He was on a routine night patrol around 1am when he noticed a commotion with several people gathered around a taxi at the Terminal 1 taxi holding area. Suspecting it was a traffic accident or dispute, CPL (APF) Jeya pulled over to assess the situation. Upon speaking to several people in the crowd, CPL (APF) Jeya realised it was a medical emergency - a lady taxi driver in her 60s was slumped in the driver's seat, though conscious but having difficulty breathing. She was perspiring profusely and could not speak coherently. CPL (APF) Jeya immediately dispersed the crowd, gave a quick situation report to Certis Integrated Operations Centre and activated SCDF, while comforting and reassuring the taxi driver. He went further to contact her spouse and son before moving himself to a prominent position near the entrance to guide the ambulance to the victim as quickly as possible. After the ambulance left, CPL (APF) Jeya remained near the victim's taxi to safeguard the victim's vehicle and belongings before handing them over to her spouse. CPL (APF) Jeya was relieved to know that the lady driver was able to receive medical treatment in time.


Corporal Adrean has been in service for 23 years now

Corporal (APF) Mohammad Adrean Bin' Abdullah still has a vivid image of detecting a drug abuser at Terminal 1 Arrival 10 years ago. CPL (APF) Adrean was activated to check on a stationary vehicle parked along the kerbside. As he got closer to the open window, CPL (APF) Adrean noticed that driver had a bag of white powdery substance in his right pocket with some residue on his body. CPL (APF) Adrean checked his pulse and tried waking the driver but to no avail. He then called Airport Police Division and activated the authorities to the scene. The driver eventually regained consciousness with blood-shot eyes in a daze, and upon further checks, was detained for drug consumption. CPL (APF) Adrean's vigilance had managed to prevent possible danger to the driver and other road users. 

Corporal Bernard going the extra mile

Corporal (APF) Bernard Lim Boon Yi has been an outrider with Certis for seven years and counting. One of the most memorable incidents encountered was him attending to a vehicle breakdown along Airport Boulevard. CPL (APF) Bernard noticed that one of the tyres was punctured and the towing vehicle was only able to arrive 45 minutes later. To avoid the vehicle from hindering and posing a safety hazard to other road users, CPL (APF) Bernard rolled up his sleeves and got his hands dirty to assist the driver with the change of tyre, to the delight of the driver who appreciated the commitment and helpfulness of CPL (APF) Bernard. His initiative was commendable as CPL (APF) Bernard did not wait for roadside assistance but took the extra mile to speed things up with his 'out-of-the-box' thinking.

The next time you see a Certis APO outrider on the road, do give them a nod and smile to acknowledge their hard and HEART work done!

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