Changi’s new short film showcases resilience of Singapore tourism workers – Hear the stories from the real heroes featured 


October 2020


The Covid-19 global pandemic has affected many countries including Singapore. With border controls used to manage the virus, one painful side effect is a steep drop in visitors to Singapore – a bitter pill for the tourism industry and workers.

But with every crisis that comes, there will be individuals who stand ready to take on the challenges, refusing to let hardship defeat them. They reach out to their community and support them in ways big and small.

Changi Airport Group (CAG) first saw this resilience and perseverance in those working at Jewel Changi Airport. They continued to work tirelessly to take care of this iconic Singapore attraction even with the smaller visitor number. The same commitment and determination were seen in the workers at other tourism spots across Singapore when the CAG team visited them.

This strength was captured in a new film production by CAG called “While You Were Home.” It honours those in the tourism community who take care of the attractions, ready to welcome back visitors when they return to enjoy the beautiful sights, sounds and flavours of Singapore again. Changi Journeys had the opportunity to speak to two of the tourism workers featured in the film.


Hazirah at Jewel Changi Airport's Hedge Maze


Nur Hazirah Binte Mohd Razali is an Experience Ranger Supervisor at Jewel Changi Airport’s Canopy Park. She decided to work in the airport because of her love for travel and the opportunity to meet people from various nationalities as well as showing what Singapore is.


What did your family and friends say when you told them you were appearing in this short film?

They were surprised as well as proud to see me reach a higher potential. The video showed them a different side to the customer service role and that we are what visitors look forward to aside from the attractions.


Covid-19 was particularly hard for many people. What helped you stay strong?

Being able to contribute during the Covid-19 period made me see how lucky I was, as well as having a big responsibility no matter how small or simple the task may be. Seeing how the community worked with one another to tide over this period was heartwarming and encouraged me to work even harder.


Which part of this short film was the most heartfelt and meaningful to you personally?

The part when the little girl touched the Rain Vortex on the projector made me realise that many children possibly missed out on a big part of their childhood during this pandemic. Being able to welcome them back now in a safe environment would be the best thing that we can offer to them.


For those who watched the short film, what is your own personal message to them?

I hope this video gives viewers something to look forward to amidst this pandemic and the hope that brighter days will come soon. The frontline workers are doing their best to ensure that families will be able to spend their time together in the outdoors once more.


Danial on the OCBC Skyway at Gardens by the Bay


Muhammad Danial Bin Ahmad Amin, Associate (Attractions Operations) at Gardens by the Bay was also featured. His family and friends were thrilled to see him appearing in the film, which is his first ever appearance in a video production. He is particularly proud to be able to represent his organisation.


Covid-19 has touched the lives of many people personally. What kept you going throughout the filming?

Throughout the filming I was reflecting on how I am able to be out there helping out and doing my part. It brought back memories of my volunteer stint at a Community Care Facility (for positive patients with mild symptoms) in Tuas to help and care for the patients’ general well-being. We are all in this pandemic together, fighting the negative vibes with positive energy.


Which is the most significant portion of the film for you personally?

The short messages from each individual sending a strong message to show that we really miss the visitors and we, as a nation are ready to welcome them back.

For those who watched the short film, what is your own personal message to them?

Thank you to each and every one of you out there for doing your part in preventing the spread of Covid-19. Together we can make a difference.


You can catch the short film on CAG’s social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. 


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