Serving at the frontlines of Singapore

April 2020

As Changi Airport continues to receive overseas residents returning home, SATS Passenger Services remains vigilant and well-prepared to facilitate passenger touchpoints at Changi.


As Changi Airport continues to receive overseas residents returning home, SATS Passenger Services remains vigilant and well-prepared to facilitate passenger touchpoints at Changi.


Safety is top priority

Safety is SATS’ top priority. The company has taken proactive steps to protect staff by equipping them with appropriate Personal Protective Equipment such as surgical masks, gloves and hand sanitisers for their use as and when needed. Staff were also issued thermometers, so that they can monitor their own temperature daily.

Amidst this challenging climate, SATS’ management also paid extra attention to maintaining frequent communication with staff, to ensure that they are emotionally well, and keep them updated on the fluidly changing situation.


A resilient and future-ready workforce

While the aviation and tourism sectors are some of the worst hit by COVID-19, SATS saw an opportunity to transform its workforce to be more resilient and future-ready.

SATS Academy, the training arm of SATS has been appointed by SkillsFuture Singapore to be an approved training institute. SATS’ Passenger Services staff will undergo the inaugural  Enhanced Training Support scheme equipping them with both technical and competency-based and soft skills, to strengthen these capabilities, up-skilling and preparing them to be ready for business recovery. The course will help future-proof staff’s careers and ensure our staff are equipped with relevant skills for the future.

Besides staff training, the SATS Academy also offers other training programmes covering a wide range of topics such as effective communication, conflict management, and serving passengers with disabilities. These courses are open to employees from other air transport sector companies who want to take the opportunity to gain more skills.[1]


Soldiering on, and giving back with a big heart

Besides enhancing staff capabilities, SATS had the opportunity to contribute back to society by leveraging what their staff do best – providing care and assistance to people. 

In the recent enrolment exercise by the Singapore Together Movement (STM), more than a hundred SATS employees volunteered to take up roles such as SG Clean Ambassadors, to encourage hawker centre patrons to comply with safe distancing measures, as well as Patient Care Concierges, to provide simple care in low-risk, basic care wards in hospitals. The STM harnesses the commitment and energies of fellow Singaporeans to make a difference to our community.

Staff who volunteered found it meaningful and fulfilling to be able to support the Singapore community with their skills set, demonstrating SATS’ service promise of Passion to Delight. SATS Passenger Services is also happy to be able to play a part in safeguarding public health, as the whole of Singapore works hand-in-hand to pull through this pandemic together.


[1] Interested companies can get more information from  

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