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Exclusive: How your favourite food gets delivered to you on Changi Eats


September 2020

In case you have not heard yet, you can now get a slice of Changi Airport delivered right to your doorstep with the new food delivery service, Changi Eats

Take your pick from 30 F&B brands like Burger & Lobster, Paradise Dynasty and Lady M, with more additions every week.


Customers can mix and match from up to five eateries from Changi Airport and Jewel per order, for a single delivery fee.

But have you ever wondered what happens after you click the cart out button? How is the food kept fresh if it needs to be collected from various locations in Changi and still be delivered to you intact?

Changi Journeys takes you on a special behind-the-scenes look of how this is done.


1.      It’s all about timing!

Time is of the essence when it comes to delivering nice and fresh food. When an order comes through the Changi Eats system, a clear timeline is worked out to ensure that the food orders spend as little time waiting as possible at every stage of the process. 


A runner collects an order from Paradise Dynasty at Terminal 3.


Working backwards with the delivery time in mind, the timeline has been optimised based on careful planning, as well as learnings gathered from experiences during the programme’s soft launch period. Specific timings are assigned to the participating outlets, runners and delivery personnel to prevent delays to the customers.


2.      Not your typical runner

A unique offering of Changi Eats’ is that customers can place orders from up to five outlets in a single cart at no extra charge. Although it offers plenty of choices and convenience to customers, it poses a logistical challenge for the team to collect and consolidate orders from different terminals in Changi and at Jewel, especially when time is of the essence.

Two teams of runners, one positioned at Terminal 3 (T3) and another at Jewel, are dispatched to pick up the food orders and bring them to consolidation points. The runners are assigned a list of orders to pick up and they plan their routes based on each order’s collection time.


Runners collect food and bring them to consolidation points.


Orders from outlets in Jewel are brought to a consolidation point in Jewel, while orders from Terminals 1 and 3 are brought to the command post located at T3 Basement 1.

In cases where customers mix and match orders from outlets across different terminals and Jewel, the runners will also have to collect orders from the two consolidation points. 

During peak hours, a vehicle will be dispatched to speed up the process and ensure the food stay fresh.


3.     Changi Eats will sort you out

At the consolidation points, the food is sorted and placed in styrofoam and delivery boxes to keep the food warm. Staff here make sure that food is properly packed and sealed with little or no room for movement during the delivery journey – all while keeping an eye on the clock. 


Styrofoam boxes keep the food warm at the consolidation points.


Now, all that remains is for the delivery drivers and riders to pick up the orders and send them to the customer.

In the rare instances where a deliveryman is late or cannot make it for an order at the last minute, staff from the Changi Eats team will double up as back-up delivery drivers to make sure no customers go hungry! 


Changi Eats staff sometimes double up as delivery drivers to send food orders to customers.


With Changi Eats, Singapore residents can now get a slice of Changi Airport delivered right to their doorsteps while supporting local businesses severely impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Get updated on the latest Changi Eats promotions here and try out Changi Eats today!  New offers are introduced every week!

If you prefer to dine in Changi, check out this handy guide of some of the best places to eat, shop and play at Changi and Jewel.

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