A refreshed T1 Transit Hall for a more comfortable travel experience

Feb 2022

By Tessa Galistan

As an international hub for passengers, it is important for Changi Airport Group (CAG) to create a comfortable and pleasant travel experience for those travelling in and out of Singapore. The Group’s Airside Concession Division (ACD) and Design management (DM) teams worked together to rejuvenate the Transit Hall in Changi Airport’s Terminal 1 (T1) West wing, to bring more prominence to the shopping street and add capacity to the area with new F&B and lounge areas.

Boasting an aesthetic and elevated design with a brand-new light installation and a revamped seating area, the completion of the refreshment of the West wing came just as Singapore was named the most Instagrammable place in the world by travel publication Big 7.

What’s new in the zone

Running with the tropical garden theme of Singapore and Changi Airport’s interiors, the refresh was based on the concept of creating a ‘garden party’ - integrating retail, entertainment, and lounge, with an infusion of greenery to bring the outdoors indoors. From the nursing rooms to the TV lounge and F&B zones, each area within the zone was revamped and designed to fit the new theme.

Following the theme of nature, more greenery was brought in to refresh the new seating area.

To make passengers feel at home, the lounge area was upgraded with new sofas for a more comfortable and relaxing travel experience. The range of choices – from sofas to high stools - gives passengers a variety of options that best suit their needs. Seating capacity was also increased by 30%, holding up to 130 passengers in the lounge.

A long island table was introduced with Changi’s usual thoughtful touches of charging ports, bringing convenience to passengers who want to charge up their devices ahead of their flights. 

Newly upgraded seating areas with various lounge seat designs to create an intimate and cosy space for passengers to rest and relax.

To go along with the ‘garden party’ theme, a brand-new carpet design was also conceptualised to give passengers the feeling of ‘walking on flower beds’. Abstract circular swirls resembling blooming flowers against a calming soft blue watercolour effect further adds to the magical feel the DM team was looking for to wow Changi’s passengers. 

Brand-new carpet concept to bring a refreshed look to the T1 West zone

Over at the shopping zone, a new bulkhead design was also developed to integrate the entire shopping street experience, making it more visible to passengers. With a clearer visibility to the shops and the F&B kiosks, passengers can now have an overview of the offerings in this zone at one glance. 

Before and after picture of the shopping street – a new retail experience and street identity

On the ceilings in the transit hall, Changi Airport also introduced a nature-themed light installation, Garden Metamorphosis, to spark imagination in passengers. Taking inspiration from the shapes and patterns of nature, the installation contains crystal components shaped like butterflies and leaves. The dynamic lighting up of the butterflies and leaves mimic nature and reflect the organic and fluid nature of our natural world. 

With more than 650 hand blown crystal components, Garden Metamorphosis is inspired by a tree, from which the leaves fly and turn into butterflies.

Not forgetting the amenities, the new nursing rooms in the T1 West zone were fitted with utilities, carpet, plants and various artworks to create a comfortable environment for nursing mothers.

Before and after pictures of the nursing rooms

The new and expanded lounge space create an intimate and cosy space for passengers to rest and relax before passengers board their flights. The greenery and soft furnishings add another layer of welcome to passengers by providing a homely feel to the space.

“With the revamped area, we hope to create calming lounge space for passengers, to complement the new retail experience that brings excitement and entertainment while they are travelling,” said Eunice Lin, Design Management Manager. 

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