How Changi lighted up the Airport Connector and made dinos glow

Dec 2022

By Kris Mok


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In line with tradition over the past few years, Changi Airport Group (CAG) illuminated the Changi Airport Connector (CAC) with festive cheer again this year-end. Aptly named Dino Glow, the entire stretch of the Jurassic Mile has been covered with lights inspired by the bioluminescence of the world of the movie Avatar. 

While 2022 has been a year of strong recovery for our aviation hub and most local residents are starting to venture overseas for holidays again, CAG has continued with this well-loved festive tradition, to give both local and overseas visitors another instagramable location to visit this year-end.


Setting up for a glowing Jurassic Mile

Workers hanging up jellyfish lights under the Terminal 2 Skytrain tracks, in preparation for the light-up


End result? This mersmerising night view, created by the illumination of more than 1,000 levitating jellyfish


From now till 31 January 2023, visitors to CAC will be mesmerised by Changi’s newest festive light-up. Besides the more than 1,000 levitating jellyfish beneath the T2 Skytrain tracks, about 3,600 mushrooms and 4,000 dandelions dot the whole park connector, leading visitors towards a 40-metre tunnel of lighted arches. En route, shutterbugs would also be able to capture the beauty of dazzling dinosaurs along the Jurassic Mile, as well as glowing gingerbread men, all decked out for the holidays.


Preparing for an adventure

In addition to the enthralling lights, the organizing team added a special Changi Jurassic Adventure geo-location based Puzzle Hunt this year for the public to enjoy as well.  

Participant at the starting point of the Changi Jurassic Adventure, using the app on their mobile phone to trigger activities


For this 3.5km Puzzle, the organizing team came together and brainstormed over 30 checkpoints along the CAC, to keep visitors engaged along their journey. As first timers creating such a Puzzle Hunt, the team worked tirelessly with software developers to ensure that participants’ location can be accurately detected along the CAC so as to trigger the related activity at the checkpoint, such as trivia questions about the prehistoric era or Augmented Reality (AR) photo opportunities with dinosaurs. 


Serving up delectable munchies

Avatar-inspired food served from food trucks such as The Coffee Bandits, The Travelling C.O.W. and even a traditional ice-cream uncle


Until 1 January 2023, visitors to Terminal 2 and CAC can feast on mouth-watering Avatar-inspired munchies from the food trucks lining up near Carpark 2A, every Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

The largest food truck in the line-up, being towed in to get ready for visitors


Despite the tight turning radius, the driver unleashed his stunt-driver quality skills to expertly manoeuvre the food truck into position quickly


Another food truck getting ready to serve delectable bento sets to visitors


With the many interesting food options available, diners can enjoy their meal or a snack at picnic benches along this area and soak in the bustling atmosphere, before embarking on their Jurassic adventure down the Airport Connector. 


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