Satisfying all your different cravings with Changi Eats

Jun 2022

By Christopher Teo


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Changi Eats enables customers to have their meals from Changi Airport and Jewel dining outlets, and other F&B brands, delivered conveniently to them.

Since August 2020, Changi Airport Group’s (CAG’s) Changi Eats service has been filling the tummies of hungry Singaporeans with delicious offerings from F&B outlets in Changi Airport and Jewel. But log on to the Changi Eats website, and you’ll see that you can also order and enjoy yummies from F&B brands like Chu Collagen, Kungfu Durian, Melvados, Mdm Ling Bakery, that are located outside Changi. In total, there are over 40 F&B outlets to pick from with Changi Eats.

The best of both worlds

These off-airport partners have been carefully curated by the Changi Eats team, who are constantly on the lookout for popular and trending local brands that would be a good fit for the business, as well as for brands with seasonal favourites, such as sharing platters during the year-end festive period, collagen hotpot broths for Chinese New Year gatherings, and even durians when the fruit is in season. This is all part of the team’s strategy to provide a greater variety to customers by introducing partners who can complement the current offerings of Changi tenants.

Working with these off-airport partners allows Changi Eats to expand its reach through their customer bases, and also provides these partners with the opportunity to promote their brand and increase their own reach to Changi Eats’ customers. This is especially since Changi Eats customers can mix and match menu items from up to five brands, regardless of whether they’re physically located in Changi, in a single order to enjoy benefits like free delivery. This collaboration also serves as a testbed for these off-airport operators in gauging the sales potential in possibly taking up a physical space at Changi Airport or Jewel. 

Changi Eats customers can order from up to five outlets in a single delivery.

A unique challenge

The key selling point of Changi Eats’ mix and match proposition does add a layer of complexity in the fulfilment of orders comprising items from both Changi tenants and off-airport partners. How does the team ensure that orders from multiple outlets, who are located both within Changi Airport and Jewel and across the island, are still fresh when delivered to customers?

A two-pronged strategy is used to tackle this issue – baked goods from off-airport partners are collected by or delivered to Changi daily, based on pre-orders to guarantee freshness, while the Changi Eats team has its own freezers to store frozen goods from partners, which can then be readily packed together with orders from Changi tenants.

This is just one of the challenges the Changi Eats team has had to overcome in the process of setting up this new venture. Changi Eats was part of CAG’s pivot during the Covid-19 pandemic to explore new non-aviation revenue streams, and to support airport tenants whose businesses were affected. Phau Hui Hoon, General Manager, Landside Concessions, CAG, said, “We are very thankful to both our tenants and our off-airport partners for their continued support as we got Changi Eats off the ground, and we look forward to developing this mutually beneficial relationship with them as the platform continues to grow and mature.” 

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