Who is that behind Pikachu?

Pokémon at Changi

Pikachu and friends warmly welcomed passengers and visitors to Changi Airport as part of the year-end celebrations in the airport. Taking centre stage at T3 is a huge seven metre tall Pikachu, right next to a gigantic gingerbread house. As part of the activities, 10 life-sized Pikachu danced together to entertain those present for the launch on 18 November 2016. 

This year's toy-themed celebration is a partnership between Changi Airport Group and The Pokémon Company (TPC).  Helping to bring smiles and happiness to all our visitors and passengers is a dedicated team of CAG officers across divisions, working hard since the start of the year, to plan and carry out this memorable activation. Changi Journeys caught up with one team to find out what it takes to put together such an awesome show.

Pokémon at Changi

With other Pokémon events happening in Singapore, it was vital that Pokémon at Changi stood out from the crowd, with its own special qualities. The team worked with TPC to create a slew of pre-event publicity initiatives to generate curiosity and interest in the event.

"We wanted a 'big bang' to launch the event, to showcase how Pikachu 'invaded' Singapore by arriving in Changi Airport first. As such, both CAG and TPC agreed that Changi Airport should host the first ever Pikachu Parade in Singapore," said the Experience Creation team.

Two Pikachu Parades with 10 life-sized dancing Pikachu were organised on the launch day, drawing throngs of fans to T3.  With the overwhelming response from the public, it was important that terminal operations, including carpark resources, departure operations and even restaurant capacity, were all ready for show time.

10 Pikachu marched through T3, thrilling crowds of fans.


The team was thankful for the support of colleagues and airport partners who stepped forward to help with crowd control, as well as contributed ideas and resources for the launch ceremony and other related activities. The support from the airport community enabled the two Pikachu Parades to excite and entertain all those present smoothly and successfully.

Invasion of the heavyweights

Over at Terminal 2, three life-sized Snorlax each 1.5m tall and weighing 12 kg, were brought in to create a Snorlax Garden in the airport. Due to the large size of the plushies, extreme care had to be taken during the delivery, to ensure the exciting secret was not leaked before the event.

Snorlax 'relaxing' in the Snorlax garden.


Fun transcends all

To ensure the success of the event, both TPC and CAG carefully selected committed partners of high quality, to ensure that the event went successfully as planned.

"We were very lucky to have worked with an exceptionally dedicated interpreter who helped to bridge the language barrier and differences in cultural norms between both companies. The journey was not without challenges but fun nonetheless, with a good exchange of cultural norms and new Japanese vocabulary for everyone!" the Experience Creation team enthused.

The Pokémon launch event was just one part of the entire Pokemon at Changi activities CAG has put together for the year-end festivities. Even before the event, the Corporate and Marketing Communications team had started engagements with Changi's fans on the airport's social media platforms. Sneak peeks of the Pokémon plush toys that would be available for sale to the public after the launch event, and entertaining videos featuring Pikachu at various parts of the airport won Changi Airport many fans. A subsequent video showing the delivery of Snorlax as a prize to a Pokémon contest also gathered good reviews from the public.

Toys bring joy and the plush toy contingent on sale at the airport was made possible by CAG's Commercial team. The selection of plush toys was carefully curated by the team, to ensure that it catered to as many fans as possible. The toys have proven very popular, judging by their sales over the counters.

The magic of Pokémon at Changi continues all the way into the start of the New Year. There is definitely more to look forward to, with even more surprises coming up! Look out for updates on Changi Airport’s social media channels, and more great stories about Pikachu at Changi here on Changi Journeys.

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