About Changi Airport Group

1. How many employees does Changi Airport Group have?

The company has about 1,800 employees including more than 500 in the Airport Emergency Service.

2. What is CAG's Employee Value Proposition?

As Changi Airport Group, we are, first and foremost, a service company. We operate Singapore Changi Airport, the world’s most awarded airport, and help develop and manage airports worldwide. Our people are our most important asset in our mission to be the world’s leading airport company, growing a vibrant air hub in Singapore and enhancing the communities we serve worldwide.

We aspire to build a company where ordinary people achieve extraordinary results. Our people have a passion for service and are committed to teamwork, integrity and excellence. Working together with our colleagues and partners to achieve the best outcome, we deliver innovative services and create a world-class experience for our customers.

Changi Airport Group offers a unique work environment in a global, vibrant and exciting airport community. With a set-up of multiple businesses, we present challenging work and diverse opportunities for our employees to further their personal and professional growth, providing a platform for them to develop and see through their ideas and contributions, making an impact to our organisation and to the communities we serve locally and globally.

Together, we are Changi Airport Group: Exceptional People, Connecting Lives.

3. What benefits does CAG offer its employees?

We offer our employees competitive remuneration with a flexible benefits scheme to cater to their unique needs at each stage of their life. For instance, employees can reimburse holiday expenses such as airfare and accommodation.

4. Does Changi Airport Group provide travel-related benefits?

As Changi Airport Group does not operate airlines, we do not provide free air travel. However, employees can have their holiday expenses reimbursed (up to a cap) through our flexible benefits scheme. Airlines, periodically, also offer airfare discounts to the industry which apply to staff of CAG as well. These are publicised through the corporate intranet.

5. What are my career prospects?

We believe in providing the space and scope for employees to fulfil their career aspirations through our set-up of multiple businesses.

As a fresh graduate you begin your journey with us as an Associate or Senior Associate. As a mid-career professional, you will join our team in a position that will leverage your work experience. As you grow with CAG, you can either choose to establish your professional career as a specialist in one of our core areas, or request for a transfer across our multiple business units, subject to suitability and availability of positions.

6. What kind of training will I receive if I'm a fresh graduate or new on the job?

You will be assigned a buddy at work to welcome you and introduce you to our work environment and way of getting things done. We encourage you to take an active role in your personal and professional growth and development. To help you do so, we provide ample formal training to equip you for your role so that you can deliver a better Changi experience for our internal and external customers.

Job Application Process

7. I have submitted my application for a position in Changi Airport Group. How will I know if I have been shortlisted for the position? How long does the shortlisting process usually take?

If you are shortlisted for the position, we will contact you within 2 to 3 weeks to arrange for an interview. Given the huge numbers that we usually receive for each of our positions, we regret that only shortlisted candidates will be notified. In the event that you are not successful in the application, your resume will remain active in our database for up to 6 months. Within this period you may be considered for job openings that may match your profile. Unless there are changes in your contact information or work history, there is no need to re-submit your resume within the above-mentioned period.

8. I am unable to upload my resume. Please advise how I should proceed.

Our service agent, Success Factors only allows the uploading of files up to a maximum file size of 5MB. Please check the size of your file before trying again. If the problem persists, please call helpdesk at 9866 1869 for further assistance.

9. I am unable to submit my online application for a position at Changi Airport Group.

The problem you have encountered could be caused by browser incompatibility. Please use Internet Explorer, Firefox or any other compatible browser with Javascript support, and select your browser option to accept cookies. Please also ensure that all mandatory fields in the application form are completed before you submit the application. If the problem persists, please call helpdesk at 9866 1869 for further assistance.

10. Do I need to include a photograph with my online job position?

No, a photograph is not required at this point of time.


11. I am interested in applying for the Talent Internship Programme at Changi Airport Group. Please advise how I can submit my application.

Thank you for your interest in our internship programme. The internship programme is a 10-week programme beginning in May of each year. We begin accepting applications in December. For more information on our internship programme or to submit your application (from December to February), please visit our internship section.


12. I have submitted my application for the Talent Internship Programme at Changi Airport Group. Please advise on the status of my application.

If you are shortlisted, we will contact you within 2 to 3 weeks for an interview. Given the huge numbers that we usually receive for each of our positions, we regret that only shortlisted candidates will be notified. To find out more about Changi Airport Group, please visit here.


13. I am interested in the CAG scholarship. Please advise how and when I should apply.

The application period is from 1 January to 2 weeks after the release of GCE A Level results each year. Applications are to be submitted through the BrightSparks portal.

For more information, please visit our Scholarship section.

14. What qualities should I possess in order to be eligible to apply for a scholarship with CAG?

To be able to steer the growth and development of Singapore as a premier air hub, we are looking for individuals with outstanding academic and analytical ability, good co-curricular achievements, strong communication skills and leadership potential.

15. How is the CAG scholarship selection process like?

There are 4 selection rounds in total. Shortlisted candidates will be invited to undertake a series of tests, assessment and face-to-face interviews. Successful candidates will be offered the scholarship by end of June each year.

16. Can I choose the university and course of study?

Scholars can choose to pursue their studies at the local universities or good overseas universities in UK and US. CAG is also open to good universities in other countries and will be happy to discuss the choice of university and country of study with the applicant if the applicant is successfully awarded the scholarship. In addition, you may apply for any course of study, except for professional courses such as medicine and dentistry.

17. What happens after I graduate?

On completion of the studies, scholars will be deployed on various career tracks, depending on manpower needs and where your talents and skills are most needed. There will be opportunities to be involved in planning, reviewing, and implementing of projects, as well as to work in teams. You may also look forward to job rotations and postings during your career at CAG.

Recruitment Services

18. I am a Search Firm Recruitment Consultant and would like to enquire if Changi Airport Group would like to engage our recruitment services.

All recruitment agencies are required to submit their proposals and quotations via our e-procurement portal ( You may wish to check our e-procurement portal for updates on our latest Request for Quotation (RFQ) listings.