Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Can I conduct the Activity or Tour at all Terminals at Changi Airport?


Q2: What is the maximum participant allowed in a group?

The total group size should not exceed 150 Participants including supervisors, facilitators and care-givers (which is to be further divided into smaller groups of maximum 25 Participants).
Additionally, the ratio of the Supervisors to Participants should not exceed 1: 25.

Q3: Can I conduct my Activity or Tour during the weekends/public holidays?

No Activities or Tours are allowed during the weekends and public holidays in view of higher passenger traffic across the terminals.

Q4: Do I have to pay to conduct a tour at Changi Airport?

There are no charges involved. However, please note that Activities or Tours may only be held if your application is approved by CAG. 

Q5: Where are the drop off and pick up points at the Airport?

You may like to drop off the Participants and park the coach at our coach stand which is at Level 1 of the Airport.

Q6: What are permitted timings?

Activity or Tour can be conducted at the permitted time slots between 1000hrs to 1300hrs or 1300hrs to 1600hrs. 

Q7: Do I need to inform/report to anyone on the day of the tour?

Yes, please refer to the email approval and select "Check in" once you reach the airport. Select "Check out" once you finish the tour.

* An email reminder will be sent 2 hours before your visit on the above.

Q8: How do I cancel my application?

You may cancel your application through the online system or you can select "Cancel" in the email approval.


In proceeding to apply for the Self Conducted Tours, you have agreed that you have read through all the terms and conditions, and are in agreement of the entirety of it. If not so, please proceed by clicking the ‘Back’ button instead.