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Dishing the dirt on dirty dishes

Raising productivity with centralised processes

The new service can handle all manner of tableware, ranging from plates and utensils, to bento boxes and claypots. Operated by GreatSolutions, the 900 sq.ft facility is located in Basement 3 of Terminal 3.  The service currently comprises four semi-automated dishwashing lines and includes a separate line for crockery from halal-certified outlets. Each line is manned by four workers who ensure the soiled crockery goes through a meticulous cleaning process in an industrial scale automated dishwashing machine. The clean crockery will then be quality checked, tagged and stacked before being sent to the restaurant’s doorstep. At the same time, the delivery team will pick up soiled crockery and head straight back to the facility, ensuring a quick 90-minute turnaround time frame.


The Great Migration to Changi East

On 29 September, CAG's Changi East staff relocated to their new project office nearer to the Changi East work site, along Tanah Merah Coast Road. Having grown rapidly alongside the development of the Changi East project, the team now comprises more than 200 staff. Housing everyone together in the new three-storey project office not only reduces the time needed to travel between the work site and corporate office, it also allows for improved collaboration and efficiency within the team.

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Creating a theatre of experience with art in Terminal 4

Once it’s open on 31 October, passengers travelling through or just visiting Changi Airport’s Terminal 4 (T4) will be able to enjoy a visually immersive and theatrical experience with specially curated art and entertainment features by local and international artists. Located at vantage points across the terminal, the collection encapsulates an array of traditional art forms, such as sculptures, as well as kinetic and multimedia installations that provide a colourful and photo-friendly interlude from the hustle and bustle of travel.

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Smart Apron at Changi Airport

Efficiency just went up a notch at Changi Airport with the introduction of Wi-Fi at its apron area.

Airside Wi-Fi provides a new platform for the airport community to connect wirelessly, improving productivity for existing processes, while facilitating the transformation of airside operations. For instance, it enables the use of smart mobile devices for status reporting, asset tracking and accessing electronic service manuals in real time.

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Past Stories

Designing an enhanced Changi Experience

Beyond making things ‘look nice’, design can enhance the passenger and user experience in an airport environment. Travelling can be stressful for infrequent travellers, and good design, like making spaces more open yet still cosy, as well as using a warmer palette of materials, colours and landscape, can help calm nerves and enhance the overall passenger experience. Enter Design Management (DM) team, whose mission is to bring out the Changi Experience through thoughtful design – personalised, stress-free, and positively surprising, while being user-focussed with a spirit of hospitality.

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Terminal 4: Caring for Passengers and the Environment

Visitors to the Terminal 4 (T4) Open House held in August 2017 would probably have noticed efforts to make the terminal user-friendly for passengers and visitors. Besides ensuring a great passenger experience, Changi Airport Group (CAG) is also keenly aware of our responsibility to the environment.

CAG has implemented multiple sustainability initiatives for across the four terminals, such as carbon emissions reduction, water conservation and waste management, as well as the BCA Green Mark certification. In particular, our newest terminal, T4, has also been awarded Green Mark Gold Plus.  Let’s take a look at some of its environmentally-friendly design elements.

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The Evolution of Hoardings at Changi

To ensure sufficient airport capacity for passenger growth and to continuously improve passenger experience, CAG constantly upgrades Changi’s terminals and plans for new developments – from Terminal 1’s upgrading and expansion to the construction of Terminal 4, Jewel Changi Airport, and Terminal 5.

To ensure that these pockets of upgrading and construction works do not negatively impact the terminal ambience for passengers, CAG’s Experience Creation (EC) team pays close attention to the hoardings surrounding the works – they showcase aspects of Changi Airport through beautiful mural-type paintings.

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Marketing the Singapore Air Hub

CAG strongly believes that Changi Airport’s success is inter-twined with those of our airline and trade partners. We are hence committed to supporting our partners in their growth at Changi through joint marketing and promotion efforts. 

In addition to constant engagement with our partners to understand their needs, CAG also rolls out initiatives in four key areas of stimulating travel demand, developing new market segments, providing effective networking platforms, and enhancing experiences at Changi.

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