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Changi East in 2017 and Beyond

Spanning a massive 1,080 hectares (equivalent to more than 660 football fields), the Changi East project is Changi Airport’s largest development in its history.  An inter-agency Changi 2036 Steering Committee was established in 2012 to develop a plan for this mammoth expansion for Changi, which included a recommendation to construct a fifth terminal, Terminal 5 (T5).

Besides T5, the scope of works for this mega-project also includes the operationalisation of a three-runway system, the construction of tunnels and other underground systems, and the development of cargo complexes and other supporting infrastructure.  Being a greenfield development site, located to the east of the existing airport (hence the name Changi East), basic infrastructure, including utilities, water management systems, ground transportation (road and MRT) will need to be built and this will take several years before airport facilities are commissioned.


Integrated duty-free zone at Terminal 4

To keep the retail proposition fresh and exciting for shoppers, the Commercial team at Changi Airport is always on the lookout for novel retail concepts and experiences that it can bring to travellers.

To ensure that T4’s commercial offerings would excite and enthrall, despite being the most compact terminal in Changi Airport, it’s commercial layout and offerings have been carefully thought through. For the first time, the anchor categories – Liquor & Tobacco and Perfumes & Cosmetics – are located within the same zone to test out the integrated duty-free concept. While the concept of an integrated duty-free zone has been done in some airports around the world, Changi Airport is the first to feature 2 operators within the same zone. This is the result of a strong tripartite collaboration between Changi Airport and the two anchor duty-free operators, DFS and Shilla Duty Free.

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Enhancing Changi Airport's proposition to the China market

With more than 4.7 million passengers travelling between Singapore and China in the first nine months in 2017, China is one of the fastest growing key country markets for Changi Airport. Working hard to improve the 11% year-on-year growth of Chinese passenger movements, Changi Airport Group (CAG) is collaborating with various airports and airlines to grow new city links in the coming months, to further improve connectivity to the country. By the end of 2017, 13 airlines will offer routes connecting to 35 cities in China, with more than 700 flights to and from China on a weekly basis.

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Changi’s new garden blooms with crystals

Refreshing our facilities in the terminals frequently is how Changi ensures that passengers continue to enjoy a great Changi Experience whenever they pass through the airport. Rejuvenating our offerings not only helps to keep the terminal fresh, it also gives passengers something to look forward to the next time they travel through us.

Many may not know that Terminal 3 has been in operations for about 10 years now. To invigorate the Central Piazza to keep in line with the new shops in its surrounds, the area was redesigned into a contemporary nature centrepiece with the airport’s seventh feature garden made up of elegant glass dandelion sculptures – the Crystal Garden. 

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Past Stories

Tech-ed Up Washrooms

As the world’s most awarded airport, Changi Airport is constantly implementing initiatives to provide customers with a stress-free, personalised and positively-surprising experience. This customer-centric philosophy has been the driving force behind the various amenities, facilities and services thoughtfully provided at the airport. 

In line with World Toilet Day on 19 November, one such feature you may have noticed when using the washrooms in the airport is an interactive easy-to-use touchscreen, located next to the exit of the washroom, which enables users to tap their feedback. But did you know that this is far more than a basic rating system? This technology-driven initiative, known as Instant Feedback System (IFS), is capable of sending an immediate alert to the cleaning crew for swift action, if needed!

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The "Safest Airside Driver" Unveiled

To drive home the culture of safe operations in the airside, Changi Airport Group (CAG) held its second annual Safe Airside Driving competition last week. Prior to organising such a competition, CAG’s Airside Management team promoted safety messages through safety campaigns and talks. In a bid to engage the airside drivers more meaningfully, the team started the first edition of the competition last year, focusing on tractor driving, as tractors comprise the largest vehicle population in the airside.

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Being a Champion of Good

The National Volunteer and Philanthropy Centre (NVPC) recently recognised Changi Airport Group (CAG) as a Champion of Good for being an exemplary leader in catalysing social change and advocating a culture of giving amongst employees. In its inaugural year, the Champions of Good status is part of NVPC’s Company of Good, a nationwide network of businesses who have inspired their staff and made an impact in community development.

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Building culture to strengthen future

To nurture the habit of continuous learning, Changi Airport Group (CAG) organises annual learning festivals (Learnfest) for its staff, designed to encourage employees to learn in a fun and relaxed setting, and to create a conducive environment to support active community sharing. The theme for this year - “Start Something Today”, highlighted the need for CAG to continually reinvent itself to stay ahead in today’s fast-changing environment, and to encourage staff to bring innovative ideas into action.

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