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Getting ready for Changi’s record-breaking busiest day of 2016

A behind-the-scenes look at preparations for the busiest day in the year.

The busiest day of the year for Changi Airport is historically the last Saturday before Christmas Day. Last year, the busiest day was 19 December 2015, where as many as 192,000 passengers passed through Changi Airport. With more travellers expected this year going by air traffic figures so far, Changi Airport looks set to break its own record this year. Changi Journeys finds out how various functions within the airport prepared for operations on that day.

Who is that behind Pikachu?

Pikachu and friends warmly welcomed passengers and visitors to Changi Airport as part of the year-end celebrations in the airport. Taking centre stage at Terminal 3 is a huge seven-metre tall Pikachu, right next to a gigantic gingerbread house. As part of the activities, 10 life-sized Pikachu danced together to entertain those present for the launch on 18 November 2016.

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Designing the Changi Experience

When you think about the design of an airport, chairs may not be something that come to mind. However, at Changi Airport, every passenger touch point is carefully thought through and designed for passengers’ comfort, down to the chairs in the terminals.

What may seem like a random spread of chairs at first glance is actually a well-curated selection of seats. Changi Journeys speaks to Kenneth Ho, Senior Manager of Changi Airport Group’s Facilities Management team to find out more.

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Enhancing safety and productivity at Changi Airport's runway

A new runway maintenance process is now in place, giving a big boost to Changi Airport’s ongoing productivity and safety drive. The enhanced approach includes a new way to cut the grooves across the runway, the use of a stronger asphalt mix for resurfacing, and the introduction of the latest runway maintenance machines – all of which have helped to increase operational efficiency.

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Introducing the all new Changi Journeys! We’ve shifted online, bringing you a new and improved news and current affairs e-zine all about Changi, the happenings, and our community here.

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Changi Airport doubles wines and spirits selection with T2 DFS duplex

Changi Airport unveiled its second DFS duplex in T2 recently. The sprawling 15,000 square feet, double storey space designed by award-winning interior designer Masamichi Katayama, is truly a sight to behold, fully engaging travellers in an interactive shopping experience.

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NorthLight students get job attachments

To encourage students to perform well, NorthLight School started Life Shop, a unique gift shop which students can go to redeem items (stocked with help from CAG) with accumulated credits from their good performance.

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Turning food waste to water

Changi Airport launched an initiative to reduce food waste. By putting food waste through a digester, microbes were used to break down the food waste into water.

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New Seletar Airport terminal in 2018

As an international gateway with a minimum connection time of 60 minutes, we take a look behind-the- scenes at what happens within this period of time on the ground to turn one flight around for the next batch of passengers.

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