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Science of Changi: Balancing Demand & Supply of Taxis

Singapore is served by more than 21,000 taxis. While this may seem ample, no shopping mall or place of interest can guarantee a steady supply to their premises. Learn how Changi Airport invests in manpower and technology to make this passenger service as smooth as possible.

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Helping Partner Airports Fulfil their Potential

Over the years, requests for Changi Airport to provide consultancy services to airports around the world have increased. Learn about Changi Airports International (CAI), a leading investor, consultant and manager in the global aviation market.

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Recognising the Best of CAG’s Warriors

Changi strives to deliver a personalised, stress-free and positively surprising experience to every passenger passing through the airport. Behind the scenes, many teams work tirelessly to contribute to Changi’s success. Changi Airport Group (CAG) acknowledges the hard work put in by its staff with the Core Values Awards.

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Empowering Youths for a Better Future

Together with the airport community, Changi Foundation’s job attachment programme has provided more than 300 NorthLight students a meaningful work experience in a real environment, since the programme started.

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Need a Trolley, Anyone?

In an airport, luggage trolleys are important amenities to passengers, as many are travelling with multiple bags.

At Changi Airport, management of airport trolleys is not something that is left to chance. Because Terminals 1, 2 and 3 are interconnected via the Skytrain to ensure a seamless transfer experience for passengers, this also means that an airport trolley can end up in almost any corner in any of these three terminals.

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Exclusive sneak peek at Changi's revamped family and food paradise

The Changi Airport regulars won't recognise Terminal 3 (T3) when they visit at the start of the school holiday season this November. The once familiar Basement 2 will unveil an elevated retail experience with a community space, a themed garden and more than 10 new shopping and F&B offerings.

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Terminal 4 Breaks New Ground for Changi

Terminal 4 (T4) will be turning 1 in two weeks’ time!

Since it opened, the terminal has won many accolades both locally and overseas. These awards recognised not only the architectural excellence of the terminal, but the design thinking put into the systems and processes at T4.

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Maintaining the Petalclouds’ Charm

Visitors stepping into Changi Airport’s Terminal 4 (T4) will not miss its newest kinetic sculpture – the Petalclouds. Designed to be T4’s centerpiece feature, the Petalclouds deliver a captivating theatrical experience with a union of art, music and science.

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