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Building Changi’s ‘Heartware’ for Guests with Special Needs

Giving all passengers a positive travelling experience is a vital part of Changi’s Service DNA. Learn how Changi Airport Group (CAG) is training and equipping its workforce to deliver on that commitment.

Through working closely with partners, learn how Changi Airport’s staff are trained to meet passengers’ needs with heart.



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Winning, by Design

Learn about how our Changi Experience Ambassadors designed their own new uniform through a Design Competition.


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Keeping Changi Spick and Span

Cleaning is traditionally a labour-intensive task. Read on to learn how CAG's cleaning robots are helping with that at the Airport.


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Behind the Scenes: Changi’s Cargo Operations

Changi Airport handles over 5,800 tonnes of airfreight daily. In this article, learn how the cargo gets transported in and out of Changi.

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Past Stories

Operating 24/7: The Airport That Never Sleeps

Last year, 5.8 million passengers passed through Changi’s terminals in December. Learn more about how staff & airport partners ensure a positive and stress-free experience for all.

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Exclusive Retail Pop-Ups at Changi

Changi Airport works closely with its retailers and brands to offer one-of-a-kind pop-up showcases and exclusive product launches that will charm even the most frequent flyers. Learn about how Changi Airport strives to create new retail experiences for passengers.

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Reuniting Lost Items at Changi

In the event that passengers lose anything at the airport, here’s what they can do to recover their missing items. Learn about the various ways that a passenger can lodge a report in such an incident.

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The Power of WeChat

Engaging Chinese-speaking travellers on WeChat. CAG looks to expand its WeChat offerings to create more tailored programmes and activities to further engage this customer segment.

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