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Hidden identity of Voice of Changi unveiled!

Ever wondered who are behind the voices of the announcements in the terminals? Hear more with this story.

Behind a nondescript frosted glass door in Terminal 2, a team of dedicated staff play a very important role to help Changi Airport run like clockwork. This 16 all-woman team is responsible for the public address system that you hear in each terminal. Changi Journeys speaks to 20-year public announcement veteran at Changi, Usharani D/O Mugiarayan, 45, for an insight into her craft.

How’s this for a cool job - designing tunnels for a living

In the Changi East (CE) Development, tunnels play a critical role to provide the necessary linkages between Terminal 5 (T5) and its satellite terminals, as well as to the existing Terminals 1, 2 and 3 (also known as Changi West), without disrupting the current layout of the runways, taxiways and various airport facilities. To find out more about what it entails for such a massive construction project, Changi Journeys speaks to Dr Wen Dazhi, Senior Vice President, Tunnel Design Management.

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Changi's Terminal 4 is fast taking shape

Having completed construction in December 2016, Terminal 4 (T4) is now in full swing to prepare for operations in the second half of 2017.

Being a brand new terminal, much work needs to be done before it can open its doors to passengers and visitors, such as the installation of airport systems, conducting process trials with staff and public volunteers, getting the airport and commercial partners operating at T4 to come on board for the big set-up, as well as familiarising airport staff with the new terminal.  

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Where Singaporeans are headed to in 2017

With 2017 comes new beginnings, and travel plans for the year. Changi Airport polled Singapore residents on their travel wish lists for 2017, as well as their travel preferences.  

Here are some of the interesting insights from the poll, which saw the participation of about 800 Singaporeans from all walks of life. 

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Past Stories

Getting ready for Changi’s record-breaking busiest day of 2016

The busiest day of the year for Changi Airport is historically the last Saturday before Christmas Day. Last year, the busiest day was 19 December 2015, where as many as 192,000 passengers passed through Changi Airport. With more travellers expected this year going by air traffic figures so far, Changi Airport looks set to break its own record this year. Changi Journeys finds out how various functions within the airport prepared for operations on that day.

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Designing the Changi Experience

When you think about the design of an airport, chairs may not be something that come to mind. However, at Changi Airport, every passenger touch point is carefully thought through and designed for passengers’ comfort, down to the chairs in the terminals.

What may seem like a random spread of chairs at first glance is actually a well-curated selection of seats. Changi Journeys speaks to Kenneth Ho, Senior Manager of Changi Airport Group’s Facilities Management team to find out more.

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Enhancing safety and productivity at Changi Airport's runway

A new runway maintenance process is now in place, giving a big boost to Changi Airport’s ongoing productivity and safety drive. The enhanced approach includes a new way to cut the grooves across the runway, the use of a stronger asphalt mix for resurfacing, and the introduction of the latest runway maintenance machines – all of which have helped to increase operational efficiency.

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Who is that behind Pikachu?

Pikachu and friends warmly welcomed passengers and visitors to Changi Airport as part of the year-end celebrations in the airport. Taking centre stage at Terminal 3 is a huge seven-metre tall Pikachu, right next to a gigantic gingerbread house. As part of the activities, 10 life-sized Pikachu danced together to entertain those present for the launch on 18 November 2016.

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