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A destination in itself, Changi Airport is well-known internationally for its trademark comfort and efficiency. From duty-free shopping to dining, our diverse range of facilities and services brings delight to everyone. Find out how your business is well placed to reach travellers and locals alike.

Innovative Airport Retail

We ensure that we provide active support to tenants by through various strategic means.

Concession Spaces

The shopping and dining spaces at Singapore Changi Airport are divided into two main areas across all terminals- Airside and Landside. Airside refers to the area past immigration clearance and is accessible to all travellers and transit passengers. Landside, on the other hand, are areas before immigration clearance and are accessible to travellers, transit passengers with relevant visa requirements, and all members of the public.

Terminal 1

Introduction & Overview of Terminal 1
Introduction & Overview

Known fondly as the "Grande Dame" of Changi Airport, Terminal 1 was recently rejuvenated in 2012. About 22,000 sqm have been added to Terminal 1, bringing the total floor space to about 308,000 sqm. Spatial comfort, better passenger flows, and more facilities are brought about with the larger floor area.

Once you step into the airport, art installations such as the Kinetic rain and the Lantern Feature wall depict the joy of travelling, and greatly adds to the mood and ambience. 

The upgraded Terminal 1 features expanded retail and F&B offerings of over 60 retail and 20 F& B outlets - providing more choice and variety to travellers. A wider thoroughfare provides greater visibility and awareness for shops, breathing new life into your retail space. 

With so many things to see, do and shop in the transit area, passengers will never feel bored at Changi Airport. 

With a consistently high footfall, providing a quality passenger experience synonymous to the Changi experience is paramount for your business. Developed along the theme of "Tropical City", the upgraded Terminal 1 also features higher ceilings, improved lighting and thoughtful landscaping.

With an inviting atmostphere, travellers and locals looking to relax and dine in comfort by spending their time in the airport need to look no further. 

The Arrival Hall, and Level 3 above the Departure Hall in the public area features a wide array of Dine-in restaurants, cafes, and fast-food spaces. F&B businesses looking to gain international recognition by expanding your footprint into Changi Airport will find Terminal 1 the perfect fit. 

Terminal 2

Introduction & Overview

Opened in 1991, Terminal 2 has a wealth of shopping outlets and dining options that appeals to a wide spectrum of visitors.

Looking to tap into a diversified and cosmopolitan customer pool? As the busiest terminal in Changi Airport, Terminal 2 will be able to bring you to your target audience.

Introduction & Overview of Terminal 2

With more than 70 retail outlets and more than 25 F&B outlets in the transit area, there is something for everyone.

Shopping and dining areas are seamlessly integrated with the terminal’s lush greenery and relaxation areas. 

With a terraced multi-level ceiling that allows natural light to filter in, travellers bask in a cosy and tranquil ambience - allowing them to shop in comfort and style. 

A steady stream of footfall is guaranteed with fluid passenger movement throughout all thoroughfares.

In the public areas, lighting panels above the check-in rows are designed in the shape of palm leaves, creating the feeling of tropical lushness and comfort. Boasting more than 20 retail, service and 20 F&B outlet spaces in the public area, brands and operators can look forward to targeting both travellers and locals alike.

Terminal 2 remains as the top choice for businesses wanting to have a presence in Changi Airport. 

Terminal 3

Introduction & Overview of Terminal 3
Introduction & Overview

Opened in 2008, Changi Airport's eco-friendly 'green terminal' lifts spirits with natural skylight and gardens featuring over 200 species of foliage and butterflies.

Boasting a well thought-out avant-garde design, Terminal 3 is hailed as a mall within a terminal. Terminal 3 is truly a multi-dimensional shopping paradise with the largest number of retail, service and F&B spaces. 

In Terminal 3, Changi Airport introduced a first single-street transit retail concept.  Set amongst lush green surroundings with an organic, ‘wave’ layout of the retail outlets, it provides unobstructed views for maximum visibility and exposure for your brand. 

Strategic layout, large retail spaces, with a unique ambience, Terminal 3 is the ideal location for any flagship store. With 50 retail outlets and 20 F&B outlets, the transit area is the ultimate shopping and dining experience. 

Terminal 3 is the only terminal with a dedicated shopping zone on basement 2. Found in the public area, it features over 50 retail, service and F&B outlets.

A family-friendly destination, interactive children's facilities such as playgrounds and the slide@T3 - the world’s tallest slide in an airport, are music to children's ears. Established anchor tenants such as Kopitiam and Fairprice Finest are well-complemented with a wide variety of fashion outlets and kid-centric concessions, offering the family a fun day out at the airport. 

On the other levels, there exists a wide variety of F&B options. Two anchor tenants - The Planet Traveller and MindChamps PreSchool at Level 3 are perched on top of the transit mall, giving patrons a unique perspective of the airside transit area in Terminal 3.

Linked to the viewing gallery, vsitors can enjoy a magnificient view of planes taking off whilst taking a breather from shopping, or after a delicious meal. 

Exciting event outposts are often held at the airport to spice up the shopping and dining experience at Changi Airport. Over the years, visitors have been delighted with showcases including the "F1 Rev Up Singapore!" Roadshow and the Chinese New Year Bazaar at Basement 2, a strategic location right across the bustling Kopitiam Food Court.

Terminal 4

Introduction & Overview

At the new Terminal 4, the modern traveller instantly feels at home. Marked by a distinct boutique presence, T4 honours both globetrotter and trendsetter. Filled with natural light and armed with innovative details, the iconic T4 instinctively addresses the shifting preferences of the future traveler.

Here, passengers enjoy 17,000sqm of shopping and dining options. Far from an ordinary port of call, every inch of T4 is crafted to surprise and delight even the most seasoned of jet-setters.

The doors are open to a new era of modern travel. We invite you to be a part of it.

T4 will be ready in 2017.

Introduction & Overview of Terminal 4

Wide spaces filled with natural light, with trees lining the main shopping boulevard, Terminal 4 is designed for the modern traveller in mind. Passengers will have access to shops right until the moment that they board their flights.

Shop spaces are designed with unique shop fronts, high ceilings and double-volume facades, giving tenants a canvas for visually impactful designs that can fully express each brand's unique qualities.

 Shopping and dining options are housed within nostalgic facades, each one reimagined from authentic shophouses nestled around Singapore. 

Anywhere they choose, diners are immersed in the airport’s lively surroundings.

From the foodcourt, they enjoy a view of the comings and goings on the airport runway. Restaurants on Level 2 Mezzanine offer a bird’s eye view of the Departure Check-In Hall. Along the Central Galleria, café-hoppers can savour a relaxing cuppa amidst the hustle and bustle of the Departure Transit Lounge. 

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