Future-ready Infrastructure

Supporting one of the world's busiest airports for air cargo are dedicated developments that are built with a bright future in mind.

  • Over 70 hectares of Free Trade Zone
  • 3 million tonnes of annual handling space 
  • Over 100,000sqm of warehouse and office space 
  • 2 runways, each 4km in length
  • 14 dedicated freighter parking bays
  • Over 30 remote bays 
  • A380 and B747-8s ready
  • 24 / 7 operations
  • Round-the-clock efficient customs operations 
  • 2 dedicated cool chain handling facilities

Changi Airfreight Centre

With Airfreight operations consolidated here, a 24-hour Free Trade zone allows transshipment cargo to be broken down and reconsolidated with minimal customs formalities.

Non-stop operations in Changi Airreight Centre (CAC)


Airfreight operations at Changi Airport are centred at the Changi Airfreight Centre (CAC), a 24-hour Free Trade Zone where transshipment cargo can be broken down and reconsolidated with minimal Customs formalities. Within the 47-hectare facility, there are nine airfreight terminals (AFT) with two dedicated Express and Courier Centres to accommodate time-definite shipments. With a capacity of 125,000 sqm of office and warehouse space and 12 freighter parking bays capable of holding the largest freighters, CAC offers efficient and hassle-free transfer and clearance of goods. The CAC is a protected area and access into the CAC is controlled by the airport pass system.

9 airfreight terminals

With a combined handling capacity of 3 million tonnes of cargo per annum, the airfreight terminals (AFTs) are equipped with state-of-the-art material handling systems to ensure the efficient handling of cargo. Operated by two ground handling agents, SATS and CIAS have specialised capabilities, well-trained staff and facilities to handle and store niche cargo such as dangerous goods, perishables, animals and valuables. 

2 express courier centres

Air express parcels can be shipped or transshipped within an hour here at Changi Airport - making us a preferred hub for the express industry. Two dedicated Express & Courier Centres (ECCs) were built to handle the needs of these time-definite shipments. 

The first of the centres is operated by DHL Express as its Singapore Regional Hub, while the second centre is utilised by TNT, operated by SATS for general express and courier shipments. 
Other major air express players such as FedEX and UPS, operate gateway facilities within the CIAS airfreight Terminal. 

12 freighter parking bays

Each of these freighter parking bays that front the airfreight terminals are capable of holding the largest freighter aircrafts - the B747Fs. Additionally, 33 remote stands help to cater to additional demands when needed. 

One-stop location for efficiency

We pride ourselves highly on efficiency in our cargo operations. An Airmail Transit Centre, as well as Quarantine Centre for the inspection of imported anmals and plants ensures that we provide a one-stop location to clear most, if not all types of cargo. A 24-hour Customs Checkpoint ensures that our airport never sleeps, with round-the-clock operations to ensure your cargo is safe with us. 

4 cargo agent buildings

Cargo Agent Buildings C, D, E and Megaplex provides a total of 125,000 sqm of office and warehouse space for all your needs. With sufficient space, export cargo can be sorted, packed, loaded on aircraft smoothly with no interruptions, while import cargo can be collected, broken down and cleared through Customs all within a short span of time. 

In addition, the Megaplex is designed with an innovative flow-through concept, with efficiency gains in cargo processing time. Waiting times are reduced, traffic is much smoother with two accessible open sides for trucks, as well as for dollies. 

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Airport Logistics Park of Singapore (ALPS)

Over 26 hectares of total land space, global shipping and third-party logistics companies gain unique opportunities to establish Regional Distribution Centres within the airport Free Trade Zone.

Regional Distribution Centres for logistics companies


Strategic location

Located within the Free Trade Zone, global shipping and third-party logistics companies have an unique oppportinity to establish a Regional Distribution Centre that have comparative advantage over other airports in the region. 

Seamless connections

Offering unparalleled convenience, the Airport Logistics Park of Singapore allows a hassle-free, seamless connection to the Changi Airfreight Centre(CAC) - ensuring that your goods, reach on time. Most of all, this means reductions in your handling costs, and cycle time.  

Strong partnerships

Leading global third-party logistics companies (3PLs) with sizeable facilities ensure that your cargo, will always have a high level of support. 

3PLs with sizeable facilities in ALPS include:

  • DHL
  • UPS
  • SDV
  • Expeditors International
  • Kuchne & Nagel
  • Schenker 
  • Menlo Worldwide
  • Nippon Express 
  • and Others

Innovative service offerings

To suit the specialised needs of niche markets, Changi Airport has introduced a number of offerings that differentiates us from the rest.



Fun facts

  • 1.85M

    Total cargo tonnage in 2015

  • 320

    Connected cities worldwide

  • >500

    Awards & Accolades

  • 55.4

    Million passengers in 2015

  • 45

    City links within SE Asia

  • 10

    Connected to all ASEAN countries

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