Terms and Conditions

  1. Applying companies or individuals must agree to provide a copy of the finished product to the Changi Airport Group (Singapore) Pte Ltd ("CAG") for archiving purposes.
  2. Due credit must be given to CAG.
  3. Use of CAG and Singapore Changi Airport ("the Airport") images and logos for marketing materials pertaining to films or images must be approved by CAG. The film or images must not be used in any way that might adversely affect the reputation and the image of the Airport. CAG’s decision on whether there is an adverse effect shall be final.
  4. An administrative fee may be imposed on the applicant in relation to filming / photography shoots that require CAG manpower or that require certain parts of the airport to be closed-off for the filming / photography shoot.
  5. CAG reserves the right to refuse any application for any reason, not limited to a breach of any of these Terms and Conditions. CAG also reserves the right to withdraw any consent granted, stop the filming or shoot at any time and/or to reschedule the date/time of the filming/photography shoot for any reason whatsoever and all persons will be arequired to leave the airport premises immediately. CAG will not be responsible for any loss, including financial loss to any company or individual.
  6. The applicant shall indemnify CAG against all claims, proceedings, judgments, damages, losses (including all indirect and consequential losses), costs (including legal costs on a solicitor-client indemnity basis) and expenses of any nature whatsoever reasonably arising from or out of or in connection with its filming/photography activity or these terms and conditions.
  7. In the event of a cancellation of the filming/photography session by the applicant, no refund will be given by CAG.
  8. In the event of any postponement request by applicant, CAG will consider the request only if made not less than 48 hours of the original date and time of the filming/photography session. Any postponement request made less than 24 hours will be deemed as a cancellation and the applicant will have to submit a fresh request.
  9. CAG reserves the right to change any rates and/or terms and conditions contained herein at any time without prior notice.


Filming Limitations

1. You may apply to film and photograph in the airport and the application will be reviewed on a case by case basis.


2. Applicant should be aware that approval of applications will be seen as indirect support for the project and as such, it is to be noted that CAG does not endorse projects that:

  • depict or portray the Airport or Singapore in an unfavorable light or otherwise a manner that may affect the reputation of the Airport or Singapore;
  • are overtly political in nature;
  • are highly critical of other countries or people;
  • go against CAG’s corporate branding guidelines;
  • might sow or instigate racial, religious or cultural discord; or
  • support anti-social lifestyle or criminal activity.


3. Applicants are responsible for securing all relevant consent from persons that they may capture in the course of filming and photography. CAG does not represent by any grant of permit to film or photograph that it is able to secure any such consent on behalf of the applicant.    


4. Animals are prohibited from entering the Airport premises.

Safety & Security

The Changi Airport Group (Singapore) Pte Ltd ("CAG") takes great care in ensuring the safety of all persons at the Singapore Changi Airport ("the Airport"). Here is a list of safety and security guidelines media personnel will have to adhere to.

  1. Media crew is responsible for own safety in the Airport and shall ensure the safety of all persons within the Airport premises.
  2. All members of the media crew, filming team and talents etc. must always have their visitors’ passes visibly attached to them whenever they are within the restricted areas of the Airport. Whenever such persons are within the Airport premises, CAG and any security personnel reserve the right to carry out random checks of belongings or equipment at any time.
  3. For security reasons, all belongings and equipment must be attended to at all times.
  4. Any person deemed to be a threat to persons within the Airport premises will be escorted out of the premises immediately.
  5. Media personnel have to ensure that filming or shoots done within the Airport will not cause an obstruction in the Airport premises or otherwise disrupt or cause a delay in airport operations.
  6. Filming props and/or equipment will be subjected to approval depending on how much space there is within the chosen filming location and whether they cause an obstruction or otherwise disrupt or cause a delay in airport operations.
  7. Use of explosives and pyrotechnics within the Airport and surrounding premises is strictly prohibited.

Usage of facilities

  1. Media crew is responsible for own safety in the Airport and shall ensure the safety of all persons within the Airport premises.
  2. CAG reserves the right to prohibit the use of any facilities and/or utilities without prior notice.
  3. Filming crew must ensure care and proper use of facilities or utilities provided. If CAG property is damaged during the filming process, costs of damages will be billed to the filming company.
  4. Shifting, removing or altering any parts/features of Airport premises is strictly prohibited.
  5. Media personnel must ensure that all proper instructions and safety checks are carried out before they can proceed to use the facilities.
  6. There are charges for using certain locations, facilities and utilities. Applicants will be informed and issued a quotation in advance if charges are involved.
  7. The filming crew involved must ensure that only Singapore approved standard adaptors or voltage converters are used for electrical outlets. They must ensure that the use of electrical outlets will not be a hazard to the premises, facilities and people.
  8. All filming or photography equipment will be subject to inspection by CAG. Generators will also be inspected by CAG as they may create fire or electrical hazards. The inspection will be carried out at Fire Station 2. All unapproved equipment is to be removed from Airport premises immediately.

Insurance & Liability

  1. Applicants are required to purchase all relevant insurance policies for the entire duration of the project at the Airport. Policies must cover areas such as public liability and workmen compensation (specifically in relation to activities at the airport) and indemnity coverage. Prior to commencing filming or photography, applicants must submit to CAG, for our consideration, the relevant certificates of insurance, including one for a Public Liability Insurance Policy, with a minimum insured sum of S$2,000,000 for activities in the public areas and S$5,000,000 for activities in the restricted area. CAG must also be added as an additional insured in the Policy with a waiver of subrogation rights.  For more information on available insurance, applicants may wish to refer to the General Insurance Association (GIA) website: https://gia.org.sg/consumers/about/member-directory.html
  2. CAG will not be held liable for any injury or loss of life due to negligence or non-conformance of safety regulations by the party involved for any activity conducted within the Airport premises.
  3. CAG accept no responsibility for any claims that might be incurred in the event of injury or loss of life at any point of the filming / photo shoots.

Proposal Submission

  1. All filming/photography applications require a processing time of a minimum of 5, 7 and 14 working days for Public, Transit and Airside Areas respectively (excluding Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays) respectively, before scheduled day of filming/photography.
  2. Applications with required information/documents not attached will be deemed incomplete and will not be processed.
  3. A complete proposal must be submitted together with the application request. The proposal should include the purpose of the filming / photography, a summary of the story (where applicable) and how the Airport will be featured in the script or depicted (where applicable). Applicants shall inform and seek CAG’s prior approval if there are any changes to the proposal content. 
  4. Applicants requiring the use of dangerous, complicated stunt sequences must submit a detailed statement and action plan together with their application and the approvals of the relevant authorities must have been obtained. Prior to the proposed activity, applicants must submit to CAG a list of the safety & precautionary measures they will undertake during the filming.
  5. CAG will write to successful applicants only. The permit issued will only be valid when payment has been made to CAG Finance Division. The permit must be produced upon demand by any CAG officer or Certis CISCO officer during the filming session.
  6. Security escort is required for all filming and photography shoot within the restricted areas.
The filming/photography application form can be submitted to the following email address upon completion: filmphoto@changiairport.com


If you have any queries, you can direct them to one of our airport operations staff.

Ms Amelia Fong 
Airport Operations Officer 
Email: amelia.fong@changiairport.com


DID: (65) 6541 2990 

Ms Suryawati 
Airport Operations Officer 
Email: suryawati.sarip@changiairport.com


DID: (65) 6541 2116 

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