Over 6,600 jobs available as Changi Airport accelerates hiring in tandem with travel recovery

May 2022

By Dennis Yim


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One of the biggest recruitment drives in Singapore’s aviation sector is taking off. With over 6,600 job vacancies available across Changi, the mass hiring aims to fill much needed positions to power Singapore’s travel recovery.

The jobs available are for both professional, manager, executive and technician (PMET) roles and non-PMET roles. Hiring is focused on attracting talent for much-needed frontline passenger service positions and newly created roles in innovation and technology.

Airport partners are offering market competitive salaries, incentives, and better career prospects with ‘redesigned’ roles through training and digitalisation. Job seekers can ‘apply, get interviewed, and for some, be hired on the spot’ at the One Aviation Careers Fair, organised by the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore, happening on 27 and 28 May 2022 at the Suntec City Convention Centre.

More passengers and a sense of optimism returning to Changi

Air travel at Changi Airport has been increasing steadily since late 2021. Changi Journeys revealed recently that monthly passenger numbers had crossed one million for the first time in two years. At this growth rate, Changi is expected to recover more than half of its pre-Covid passenger volume in 2022.

A positive vibe and energy is also returning to Changi. Visitors to Changi today will see more travellers checking in for flights. Many can also feel the buzz at the Departure Transit Hall as travellers enjoy the exciting retail and dining options with more shops now open, and many back to pre-Covid operating hours.

But more flights and passengers mean more airport staff are needed to support this growth. In a recent visit to Changi, Singapore’s Transport Minister S Iswaran said “the aviation community is committed to making sure they are gearing up ahead of demand.” 

Changi is home to the World’s Best Airport Staff - an honour from international airport ranking consultancy Skytrax

Not just your traditional airport jobs

The over 6,600 jobs available at Changi include a bevy of roles that many might not think of immediately when it comes to a career in aviation.

Beyond offering market competitive salaries and incentives to attract new staff, airport partners are doing more to point out the deep sense of purpose and meaning that a career in aviation offers.

SATS check-in staff helping passengers before their flights

Delivering the Changi Experience

SATS is one of Changi’s airport partners boosting recruitment efforts. Those familiar with the ground handler would recognise its friendly uniformed service staff at the check-in rows. Being the first touchpoint for many passengers, they play the vital role of creating a memorable Changi Experience for all. When one talks about ‘Head, Hands and Heart’, the SATS Customer Service Agent needs all three – a quick mind to solve problems, steady hands to get the job done, and most importantly a heart that cares for every passenger, especially those who may have special needs or require assistance during their time in Changi.

Keeping Changi's passenger safe at the microbial level

Who would have guessed that Changi has its own team of “food CSI experts”? This is one of the interesting staff roles at ground handler dnata. Their Quality Assurance team uses their CSI skills to hunt down food contaminant at the microbial level. Nothing escapes these guardians of food safety and standards at Changi as they work with some of the industry’s best quality assurance experts using state of the art microbial analysis innovations and technology. To find out about this “food CSI expert” role and others, job seekers just need to visit dnata’s job portal.

Keeping Changi’s passengers safe 24/7/365

There is no greater responsibility than when someone puts their life into your hands – This is what every Airport Emergency Service (AES) officer in Changi carries with them each time they don their uniform. With the words ‘Speed, Skill, Safety’ etched on their uniform, Airport Emergency Officers guard the thousands of passengers, flights and visitors that come into Changi every year.

With nerves of steel, the fitness of a professional athlete, and a sharp mind, they are equipped with top-notch airport emergency vehicles to protect Changi. For those who want to join this elite force, the entry requirements are as demanding as the responsibility. In return they will be part of a team that offers one of the most rewarding and meaningful careers in Changi Airport Group.

Taking care of Changi’s passengers extends to making sure their digital details are protected. As CAG rises up the digital value chain, it is hunting for more top talent to join its cyber security team.

These modern day cyber warriors are on constant guard, defending CAG on the cyber security front. They watch over the airport’s critical digital and data infrastructure, as well as  strengthen protection against all possible cyber threats. If applicants have what it takes to fulfil this mission, perhaps they can be the next CAG Cyber Security Lead.

Get hired immediately at the One Aviation recruitment roadshow

Besides the ongoing recruitment by airport partners, look out for the One Aviation Careers Fair happening on 27 and 28 May 2022 at the Suntec City Convention Centre.

This is the must-go event for those looking for a fulfilling career in the fast recovering and growing aviation sector. There will be themed career talks from airport partners across a wide range of positions from passenger services, operations and engineering. On-site interviews by more than 20 aviation companies will mean suitable job seekers can apply, get interviewed and be hired immediately.

Once onboard, new staff will benefit from immediate training to help them in their job and learn the Changi culture of service excellence. New staff will be proud to know that they are part of the Changi family, contributing to the rebuilding of the air hub as the journey to travel recovery continues in Singapore.

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