What goes on when you stay in a transit hotel during the ‘new-normal’? 

August 2020

With the continuous battle against Covid-19 that the world faces, 2020 has been a year synonymous with reduced air travel and safety measures. Despite this, the airport community at Changi Airport has been gearing up in various aspects, and channeling efforts to ensure preparedness once travel restrictions are lifted.

Over at Aerotel Airport Transit Hotel at Terminal 1, the team has stepped up on the safety measures for transit guests to ensure a safe environment for all travellers to enjoy a worry-free experience.

Changi Journey takes a closer look on what guests staying in Aerotel during the ‘new-normal’ can expect.


Upon check-in

Upon check-in, Aerotel would introduce to their guests Wellbeing Ambassadors, whose key role is to ensure that guests are well taken care of during their entire stay, even as precautionary measurements are deployed.  For example, the Ambassadors oversee duties such as conducting body temperature checks, providing hand sanitisers, ensuring social distancing, and sanitising frequently touched surfaces to ensure hygiene measures are in place.


Contactless dining option

Guests will receive meals fresh out of the kitchen, outside their rooms on a rack, to minimise contact.


Aerotel now provides in-room dining meals and snacks as a new service. Guests are now able to order meals from the comfort of their rooms and receive them via contactless delivery. After meals are cooked in the kitchen, an Aerotel staff will deliver the meals and leave them outside each room on a rack. Guests will receive a knock on the door to alert them that their meals are ready to be collected. These steps help guests minimise contact with anyone.


Enhanced turndown service

With new requirements, Aerotel has implemented an enhanced checklist for cleaning and sanitising rooms during turndown service. As part of Aerotel’s intensified cleaning efforts, hospital grade disinfectant solution is used on frequently-touched surfaces. With this disinfectant solution, surfaces can now withstand up to 200 touches and kills 99.99% germs. All toiletries are replaced during turndown service, regardless whether they have been used or not.

As an additional protection gesture, guests are provided with complimentary face masks and sanitisers in the rooms for their use.


Contactless check-out


Guests dropping off their card keys located outside the Aerotel rooms before their flight.


To reduce human contact, Aerotel has made checking-out contactless so that guests can easily drop their card keys in the drop-off box and carry on with their next flight at ease and hassle-free.


Strict procedures for staff members

All of Aerotel’s staff members follow strict sanitisation procedures and wear masks at all times while on duty. Circulars on personal health and hygiene are also shared with staff members to remind them to carry out the necessary precautions while they are not on duty.  


Meet Gregory Tan, Operations Manager of Changi Airport’s Aerotel.


“We take pride in caring for all our guests during these difficult times. We ensure that all rooms are sanitised according to the SG Clean standards, providing our guests the care and comfort they need during their stay at Aerotel. As an SG Clean hotel certified by the National Environment Agency of Singapore, we will continue to uphold good sanitation and hygiene practices so that our guests can enjoy their stay,” said Operations Manager, Gregory Tan.

With Aerotel’s and Changi Airport’s commitment to protecting the health and wellbeing of guests and staff through the various precautionary measures, travellers can take comfort in knowing that their journey through Changi Airport will be a stress-free one. Let us look forward to days where our airport community can once again welcome happy travellers to Changi Airport! 

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