What it takes to bring you the Light & Sound show at Jewel 

Jun 2022

By Claudia Wong


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As dawn turns to dusk, the HSBC Rain Vortex is a different sight to behold, as the 40-metre sheet of water becomes a canvas on which a light and sound show is projected. Behind the scenes, Jewel’s User Experience (UX) team prepares for the highlight of the evening – the majestic Light & Sound Show display on Jewel’s iconic centerpiece attraction. From light choreography, song selection, to rehearsals and execution, the Changi Journeys team dives deeper with the UX team from Jewel, to understand what it takes to prepare for this nightly spectacle.

The prep before each show

System specialist conducting checks on the Light & Sound Show through their trusty iPad

An hour before each show, Jewel’s system specialists will conduct checks to ensure that the light projectors, audio system and water pump system are in working order. The projectors and speakers camouflaged within the Shiseido Forest Valley surrounding the HSBC Rain Vortex allow the music to reverberate throughout Jewel and for the lights and animation to be projected on the cascading sheet of water. With the speakers, even visitors shopping along the retail corridors will be able to listen in to the performance music. 

Inside The Pump Room, the brain of the HSBC Rain Vortex.

While the show is scheduled and pre-programmed, it can also be controlled through an iPad via a dedicated wireless network connected to the HSBC Rain Vortex itself. Once the checks are done, the Light & Sound show is good to go.

Curating new shows

The UX team coordinates closely with WET Design’s (the company behind the iconic Fountains of Bellagio in Las Vegas) choreography team to produce new shows that are tailored for certain festivities or celebrations. The team first provides a mood board of preferred styles and envisioned effects, before shortlisting and eventually selecting the song that best fits their requirements. 

For the Christmas show, the team conducted rehearsals with the mockup past midnight to review the animations and effects.

To prepare for Jewel’s Christmas celebration last year, the UX team briefed WET Design’s choreographers on what they envisioned – an upbeat, celebratory tune with a slower mid-section, before building towards a majestic ending, featuring a Christmas tree emblem. Through close collaboration, the choreographers actualised the vision and experience through digital simulations and on-site rehearsals.

The new Light & Sound show has been a hit with K-pop fans

More recently, a K-pop inspired Light & Sound show was launched on 26 May, just in time for the school holidays and to tie in with the BT21-themed event held at the same time.  This newest Light & Sound show is on from now till 17 July, at 1930, 2030, and 2130 daily. 

Kelvin Tan, Head, User Experience at Jewel, said, “We are always planning ahead to bring out different dimensions of the Jewel experience for our guests. With new and refreshing performances and events, we hope to continue to surprise and delight our visitors for years to come.”

 If you are planning a visit to Jewel soon, be sure to stay on till the evening to enjoy this multi-sensory experience!  

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